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Work experience at PaperCut

Work experience at PaperCut

Hi, my name is Sebastian, and I have just finished a week of work here at Papercut as part of my Year 10 work experience program.

I haven’t had a proper job before so I had no idea what I was in for! In the days leading up to my work experience week my train of thoughts ran as such:

“Will I have a supervisor?”

“What if I don’t work well with the employees?”

“Will I get a lunch break?”

Fortunately, my fears were put to rest during the morning of my first few hours at PaperCut. Instead of the scary office with cramped cubicles that I expected, the atmosphere was very friendly, relaxed and leisurely in the open space. I felt right at home while working at my desk as well as hopping around to the different teams.

I found the work I did at PaperCut very interesting and it really opened my eyes to the way the company works. I spent my first day working with Papercut’s Development team beginning with their morning stand-up meeting and then I worked with Amit on some Java programming and testing. I think it’s safe to say that I now know more about Java than I did a week ago. Alec also took me through how the development documentation works, I even got to write some of it too!

During the next two days I worked with Josh, Shane and Jason in the Support team who I noticed would approach every support question enthusiastically, taking joy from solving the problems posed to them! I got to contribute to the PaperCut Intranet and also learned how to use their Help Desk system as well as help out with some customer support tickets.

I worked with the Sales and Marketing team for my last two days where I helped Dan handle the PaperCut licensing. I also got to work on some behind-the-scenes stuff on the PaperCut website with Tom and Jack and had some fun with their social media.

There were a lot of other places I could have chosen for work experience but I’m glad I chose PaperCut in the end. I’ve learned some important things over the course of the week and while I won’t spoil anything, you can expect to see exciting things happen at PaperCut in the coming year!

I would like to say thank you to everyone there for making it such an awesome week!