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Track and control printing and scanning across more devices with 17.3

Track and control printing and scanning across more devices with 17.3

Release overview

  • Easily personalize the look and feel of reports
  • Provide a seamless user experience when using Lexmark’s Scan Center solution
  • Get more out of PaperCut MF for Sharp with Integrated Scanning on small screen devices
  • Track and control print jobs from HP Enterprise and Managed printers

Have you heard about Mobility Print?

Mobility Print is currently helping thousands of organizations across multiple industries solve their Mobile and BYOD printing issues.

Mobility Print just works on any end-user device, providing a native print experience for all operating platforms and devices consistently with your make or model of printer. Setting up Mobility Print is super easy, with most installations requiring only a few clicks to get up and running.

 Personalize the branding across all areas of PaperCut

Release 17.2 introduced a much quicker and easier way to customize the branding of the Client, User Web Interface and Admin Interface. In this release, the Reports section has been personalized, rounding out the list of areas IT administrators can update to match the look and feel of their organization’s brand.

Single Sign On support for Lexmark’s Scan Center solution  

PaperCut MF for Lexmark MFPs now offers users an integrated experience with the Lexmark Scan Center solution through the use of a Single Sign On (SSO) process.

Once a user logs into PaperCut MF at the MFD and is authenticated, they will be automatically logged into the Lexmark Scan Center allowing IT administrators to track and cost scan jobs, in one easy process.

To see how PaperCut MF works with Lexmark, check out our Lexmark Tour page.

Integrated Scanning now available on Sharp devices with 7” screens

IT administrators can now provide a seamless end-user experience at the MFD panel for more Sharp devices  than ever before, with Integrated Scanning no longer restricted to devices with 10″ or larger screens.

With this release, Integrated Scanning can now work on Sharp devices with 7″ screens, allowing IT administrators to track, and cost scan jobs, within the familiar PaperCut MF user interface. For more information about PaperCut MF for Sharp, check out the Sharp Tour page

Extend secure print environment to include HP single function printers

Through the added support for single-function printers and selected small screen devices from HP’s FutureSmart range, IT administrators can now give users a secure and familiar experience at the device.

By enabling Secure Print Release and Find- Me Printing across all devices, whether they are multi function devices (MFDs) or single function devices (printers), IT administrators can securely control what is printed and ensure all jobs are tracked, without the need to purchase additional hardware.

To find out more about how PaperCut MF works for HP, visit our HP Tour page.

Want to know more?  

To help you digest all the updates, we’ve detailed all features, enhancements and fixes, in the 17.3 Release Notes for PaperCut MF.

And of course, the “Fine Print”

If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance, your upgrade to Version 17.3 is already included. Otherwise, one-time upgrades may be purchased via our online order system or through your PaperCut supplier. And hey, added bonus – upgrading now will entitle you to all of the releases in the 17.x series throughout the year!


About the Author:

Dale has been part of the PaperCut family since December 2016, joining our Marketing team as a Product Marketer and has been working in the Software and IT industry for the last 10 years. During that time, Dale completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA), majoring in Marketing and in his spare time enjoys playing Australian Rules Football and watching the latest trending Netflix TV series.


  • Darío Gustavo Sanz

    When will be available integrated scanning for lexmark?

    • Tim Bentley

      Hi Dario –

      As outlined in this release blog, we’ve added improved our integration with Lexmark’s own scanning app(s) with our 17.3 release. If you have additional requirements that you feel are not sufficiently addressed, please drop us a line at and we can have a more detailed conversation.

  • Simon C

    When will Integrated Scanning be available for the latest canon mfp’s? pretty please 🙂

    • Dale Micallef

      Hi Simon, Integrated Scanning on Canon is certainly on our road map and an item we would love to add. There are currently some technical restrictions which mean it is hard to give any time frames on when it will be available, however we will certainly let you know if anything changes. Cheers

  • Ryan Ade

    Hi! Looking forward to offering Mobility Print here on campus!! However, we can’t seem to get past the fact that if someone has a byod device and an issued work device with the client on it – they get the standard pop up on the client install when they try to print from their BYOD!!! Seems simple enough to fix, but still scratching our heads…

    • Aaron Pouliot

      HI Ryan, sorry about the trouble. We do have a couple of ideas about how this could be achieved either by setting up separate print queues for Mobility Print, or by utilizing our Print Script API. Feel free to start a support ticket with us at and we can help you build a solution for your environment.

  • callum865

    When will integrated scanning be available for the latest Ricoh printers?
    We were excited to hear it was coming to Ricoh printers but after upgrading to the latest Papercut version it seems it only works on older Ricoh printers not the latest models.

    • Brad @ PaperCut

      Hi Callum,

      We don’t yet support Integrated Scanning in conjunction with Ricoh SmartSDK devices, as it’s still a new platform and under a lot of active development to bring feature parity with the older SDK/J method.

      In the meantime, keep an eye on our Ricoh tour page here:

      Any Ricoh model here that appears with an asterisk next to its name denotes that Integrated Scanning is supported.


      • callum865

        Thanks! ill keep an eye out, the users at my work are constantly asking me to change it (they think if you work in IT you can change everything haha).

      • Javier Negro Dieste

        Please, please, please. We are EAGERLY waiting for this…

  • Jimmy Martin

    Hello! Would it be possible to introduce the ability to notify an Account “manager” or primary contact of low balance? We utilize balances exclusively on the Account side, and I was hoping for an automated method of alerting a team that their account balance was low. Thanks!

    • Hi Jimmy,

      We have had other customers show interest in this feature and I have added a vote to our internal ticket on your behalf.

      If you are savvy with APIs and scripting, we have a way to check the balance of a shared account in our XML Web Services API ( The API method that we have available is called “api.getSharedAccountAccountBalance” and can return the balance of the shared account specified. You could write a script to poll the balance and if it is under a certain threshold, the script could fire off an email to the account manager(s).

      If you would like to further the discussion, please feel free to open a support ticket here:

      Thank you!

      • Jimmy Martin

        Thanks, Brian. I’m definitely not savvy with scripting, so thanks for including a vote for this feature.

  • Brenda Miller

    Is there a VPAT for version 17.3?

    • Willem Groenewald

      Hi Brenda

      We currently don’t create a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for releases.

      Feel free to reach out to us at if you want to discuss accessibility further.