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A Global Print Driver for cross vendor printing

“Printing is the Achilles heel of computing. And no universal driver can be done…” and “The only way to “fix” this is to be part of the company at the start and fight for a standard for printers – same model, same driver, etc” Do these kinds of quotes sound familiar? You probably have heard these […]

V14.3: The importance of accessibility

Physical barriers to technology in the workplace can prevent people with a disability from being productive and working to their full potential. Imagine the difficulties in reading small text on a monitor screen if you are vision impaired, or using a touch screen on a photocopier from a wheelchair. It’s important for all of us […]

What’s new in PaperCut v14.2?

PaperCut version 14.2 is out now! Let’s have a look through some of the new developments:   Reduce admin overhead with ID number auto-generation. Are you looking to streamline authentication at MFDs in your organization using an alternative to the usual convention of username / PIN and password?   PaperCut v14.2 provides a quick and […]

One for the sysadmins: PaperCut version 14.1

System Administrators work hard behind the scenes to make life easier. They maintain: network security and system integrity, manage cross-pollinated user groups and permissions, report on activity, and provide analytics to the organization to make strategic decisions easier… We get tired just thinking about it! It can be a tough and even thankless role in […]

PaperCut 14.0 is “Live” [Tile!]

Happy 2014 from everyone at PaperCut! For the 14th year in a row, we greet the new year with a fresh new version of PaperCut, chock-full of tools and features that help you control and manage your organization’s printing. Sometimes the best new features in PaperCut aren’t exactly “new” features at all – but simply […]

PaperCut Goes Google-y with Version 13.5

Over the last twenty years, there has been dramatic change in the Print Management landscape. From the early 1990’s when System Administrators sought out obscure drivers from FTP sites; to the 2000’s when Support Engineers fought to deploy print infrastructure via Active Directory; to today, Print Management has never been more complex. The challenge for Network […]

The changing nature of authentication (PaperCut V13.4)

We’re always amazed at how multi-factor authentication has taken over all computing life. We’re seeing two-factor authentication to access your bank account, email and even video games have it now! Copiers with PaperCut installed have been using this technology for years with the combination of proximity card and pin. It’s taken a while, but now […]

You Think You’ve Got Problems… (PaperCut V13.3 Release)

As a Sys Admin you’ve probably wrestled with the complexities of managing multiple printers and devices. Imagine scaling what you do to thousands of devices across dozens of locations, all coordinated with a clowder of System Administrators just like yourself? (We had trouble finding a collective noun for System Administrators and just used the one for cats.) Complexity of […]

If it’s not broken, we can still make it better.

A key feature of PaperCut is the charging model applied to print usage, generally defined on a per page basis. This feature had its ten year birthday last October without much fanfare. When you think about how much PaperCut has changed in the last ten years, it’s fairly amazing that the Charging Model hasn’t been […]

PaperCut 13.1 Release (and Behind The Scenes)

This week we unwrap PaperCut version 13.1!  Following on from 13.0’s massive release, including the headline Print Archiving feature, 13.1 delivers dozens of improvements across the entire product. The release notes (see NG or MF) contain a full list of all the changes, so for this blog we thought we would do a deep-dive on just […]

PaperCut 13.0 – Archive and view print activity

PaperCut Software welcomes you to 2013 with the release of PaperCut 13.0! We are proud to reveal new features and functionality, and have added one of your most requested features of last year – Print Archiving. Print Archiving allows approved administrators to review printed jobs interactively in the browser. This feature is ideal for a […]

PaperCut 12.5 – Mobile Print Release and Windows 8

Have you ever printed something confidential then raced to the printer to collect it before someone else does? Secure Print Release is an increasingly important requirement in most organizations. Traditionally this has been accomplished with embedded MFD software, dedicated release stations or specialist hardware. PaperCut 12.5 introduces a new option for print release that can […]

PaperCut version 12.4 with carrots

Each day when we walk in we see a big single word written on the wall of the office. That word is simply “PaperCut”. It seems to set the tone of our day as we’re always trying to think of new ways to save paper! In version 12.4 we’ve introduced yet again some new ideas. […]