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The PaperCut Band strikes a chord and jams for a cause

The PaperCut Band strikes a chord and jams for a cause

Every now and then, a few moonlighting musos at PaperCut (myself included) get together for a jam as The PaperCut Band 🤘

Passionate players, we inject as much energy into this hour of toe-tapping goodness as we do developing PaperCut’s ace solutions.

So it’s no surprise that rocking out for charity in 2018’s Battle of the Agile Bands (BotAB) saw us play from the heart unlike ever before.

Getting battle-ready

Spearheaded in true tech start-up fashion by Nigel Dalton back in 2013, BotAB is our industry’s Woodstock – or the computer geek’s Coachella, for all the youngsters out there.

Like any good musical throw-down, it’s full of properly talented people playing properly great tunes – so we couldn’t just rock up and wing it. We needed to get tight and ready to fight!

Amid releases, scrums, deployment, and feature triage, the several months leading up to this giant leap for PaperCut-kind were filled with a zillion slack messages about the setlist, and even more hours of rehearsing.

With a collection of songs that hit the right notes across a bunch of demographics, appealed to an illustrious panel of “judges” (the bar staff), and were actually playable, we were ready to roll.

The most giving gig of our lives

June 28, 2018. A predictably chilly Melbourne night.

We descended upon the renowned BotAB stage at the John Curtin Hotel and played our 💚 out. The White Stripes, AC/DC, Donna Summer, London Grammar… It was a crowd-pleasing time and a half.

PaperCutters, friends, family – even pets – were all in tow for a truly memorable night (plus a couple hiccups we’d rather forget).

But what made the evening truly one to remember was the considerable PaperCut ticket sales effort, all contributing generously towards the Flying Robot School (FRS).

For those not in the know, the FRS is an educational initiative that encourages kids at rural public schools to create awesome tech that serves a useful purpose, and consider further studies in STEM.

It’s an initiative we feel strongly about at PaperCut, so even though the trophy cabinet stayed empty, our hearts were positively full.

I’m allowed one slightly corny un-rock-and-roll sentiment, right?

Kicking it with the fans

Luckily for us, BotAB wasn’t our last hurrah. We also hit the stage at the LAST Conference – a grassroots event for Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking practitioners.

The highlight? We had a lovely chance meet-up with Paula Ngov and Shennae Searle, an FRS volunteer and STEM education teacher respectively – and they had nothing but love for PaperCut.

“OMG, you’re PaperCut!? We LOVE you – we have you on all our printers!” Shennae exclaimed, pointing wildly at the giant ‘P’ on my shirt.

In particular, she was thrilled with how Find-Me printing and Secure Print Release made sending and collecting jobs a breeze across multiple buildings and printers.

And we were thrilled to get such awesome feedback from the very people we were playing for.

An outright ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ experience

At the risk of tooting our own fictional trumpets (we’re still sussing out a brass section), we came together brilliantly as a company, and lived out our core values in the most non-print management sort of way.

It wasn’t just a boon for team-building and morale, but something that fully supported the future of our industry and local community.

Meeting a real customer/fan who absolutely loves PaperCut? That was just the cherry on top – and I couldn’t be more proud.

See you all at BotAB 2019!