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As time goes on we increase both the number of features in our software and the number of customers using it. Because the developers of PaperCut also provide customer support, there is a balance between the two that continues to tip towards support as the number of customers increases. When the team starts to feel like our rate of development is slowing it’s time to increase the size of the team (someone suggested reducing the size of our customer base but were promptly shut down).

Traditionally we’ve hired only software developers. This is good for keeping up development pace, and our customers are happy to speak directly with the developers for support. There is a gap, however: when developing PaperCut we work with programming languages, web technologies and APIs. When supporting PaperCut we deal with print queues, user directories and databases. While we know a lot about the technologies our customers use, our expertise is in developing software for our customers. It became clear that we want someone who knows all about the technologies our customers use to help our customers use our software with those technologies. It became clear that we want… one of our customers.

The full position description is included after the break. If you’re applying mention that you read our blog for bonus points!

Software Support Specialist

  • Smart customers, smart colleagues.
  • International customer base – work with sysadmins from around the world.
  • Influence the direction of our actively developed software.

The Company:

PaperCut Software is an Australian software development house based in Mount Waverley, Melbourne. We develop print, copier and internet control software that is used worldwide in over 60 countries and 20,000 organisations. We are a small team of IT adepts who love to talk tech. The work environment is casual and the organisational structure is flat.

Our customers include many high profile education and business organisations, such as Harvard University, the University of Cambridge and Allianz.

The Job:

Our software is installed and configured by our customers’ own system administrators, such as the IT department at a university. These sysadmins inevitably have questions about our software or how it integrates with their environment.

Your job will be to assist our customers with any questions they may have. This will require a thirst for knowledge and ability to easily learn technologies, as questions and customer environments are diverse. The majority of our support is conducted via email, but we also use phone calls / VoIP, live web chat, remote access software and on rare occasions on-site support or training.

Many customers operate multi-platform environments including combinations of Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell servers and workstations. As you might imagine these are not your typical end-users; they are some of the world’s top system administrators – less RTFM, more challenges. Topics can range from print queues, directory servers, login scripts, databases, resource management, virtual machines, clustering and of course bugs in our software to name a few.

This is not a typical support role and is certainly not a call centre. You’ll be working in a small, tight-knit team and will be responsible for converting customer ideas into implementations by working directly with the developers.

As we are a small company opportunities will arise to work in other areas that interest you, such as managing internal systems, testing our software with new operating systems and applications or working on the software itself.


  • Minimum 3 years commercial experience in system administration, product/system support or a related field.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Proven aptitude for troubleshooting.


  • Diverse system administration skills (multiple platforms a plus).
  • Scripting or programming experience.
  • Experience using sysadmin tools to diagnose issues, such as Sysinternals utilities.

To Apply:

Express your interest to Tom Clift by sending your CV and cover letter to Applications close November 6.