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Posted on by Development Team

Ricoh Convergence 2016

If coming together was the aim of Ricoh’s Convergence conference last month in Las Vegas, then that’s exactly what the PaperCut and ecoprintQ teams managed to achieve.

The National Dealer Meeting, put us in front of 1,400 attendees all interested in the latest solutions for Multifunction Printers for the Ricoh Family Group of dealers, which also includes the Savin and Lanier brands.

Ricoh Convergence Booth 2016

The busy booth at Ricoh Convergence

Over two full days of seminars and technology displays, the PaperCut presence made a significant impact on both dealers and the Ricoh team.

“Seven representatives gave us significant bandwidth to engage at all levels”. Americas Channel Director, Joe Rubino commented, “We strengthened our relationship through collaboration and support.”

Smarter than the average panel

Embracing Android development, in July this year, we released PaperCut MF 16.2 with support for the latest Ricoh Smart Operation Panel MFP’s. Convergence gave us the opportunity to show dealers how customers can spend less time at the device, with the intuitive interface allowing multi-print job selection and quick scroll. Dealers were impressed with the latest interface, and how quick the application was to install, and intuitive to use.

“There’s a strong focus on the redesigned user interface (UI) and their Smart Operation Panel (SOP).” mentioned the copier industry newsman, Andy Slawetsky from Industry Analysts in his conference review.

The latest PaperCut MF gives Ricoh users streamlined workflows at the device, including:

  • Easier data entry for login or PIN with a multi-touch screen
  • Fast one finger scroll functionality for multi-print job selection
  • The ability to print, delete, and view the cost of multiple print jobs together


Watch how the easy to use Android based interface just works

Partnering for solutions

Alongside the demonstrations, the teams reported amazing technology discussions happening around them to solve real customer problems. Being first out of the blocks with SOP development, PaperCut were seen as an agile business, able to pivot to align with market needs.

PaperCut MF Authorized Solution Center, ecoprintQ, showcased their innovative new on-board USB card reader support and welcomed positive commentary from the Ricoh channel community. PaperCut MF for Ricoh’s success across the US and LATAM was attributed to ecoprintQ’s strong solutions and support presence.

“If anyone doubted our partner eco-system, then Ricoh USA and ecoprintQ are a model of how this works,” said Dan Quest, Global Partner Alliances Manager at PaperCut. “Much more than a PaperCut MF distributor, ecoprintQ are a vital pre-sales and technical resource for Ricoh and their channel teams.”

Ricoh Professional Services Team

Pictured, the Ricoh USA Channel Solutions Support Specialists, PaperCut and ecoprintQ

All Ricoh dealers can source PaperCut MF through Ricoh USA, which makes ordering and support easier. Dealers also benefit through Ricoh programs, and local Ricoh Solutions Support Specialists, backed by the team at ecoprintQ who are equipped and ready to help.

With the environment in mind

Making use of older devices, Ricoh’s established global resource-recycling model, aligns with PaperCut’s efforts to reduce waste. Ricoh’s worldwide GreenLine program delivers the latest operating software on revitalized MFPs, at a lower cost to users and the environment.  The GreenLine team were keen to position the benefits of saving the planet’s resources on all fronts, including reducing paper usage.

What’s next for PaperCut MF on Ricoh?

Currently, PaperCut MF integrates with Ricoh’s GlobalScan NX to provide device authentication for workflows and OCR using Ricoh’s AAA API, for a true single sign on process.

Coming in 2017, look out for Integrated Scanning on PaperCut MF, currently in development for Ricoh’s SDK Java interface.

Quoting the 1971 novel about Las Vegas “A little bit of this town goes a very long way,” then Ricoh Convergence certainly lived up to expectations.

More information, visit the PaperCut MF for Ricoh Tour.

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Posted on by jason

The great PaperCut ride and shave


My name is Jason Clarke, I’ve been with PaperCut nearly 7 years, firstly in our customer facing tech Support Team in Melbourne, and now as the IT guy supporting over 100 staff. After being the IT guy in both a high school and now at PaperCut, I can see the frustrations felt by SysAdmins and users surrounding print. At the end of the day, users want printing and IT to just work.

Cycling off some steam

Quite recently I’ve re-found a fondness for cycling, something I was keen on in my teenage years but as life went on, riding took a back seat. As part of setting goals for myself, I took up riding to help with weight loss, yes, I’ve lost ~28kg (~62lb)!

Since I’ve managed to lose the excess weight, I thought it was time to set myself a new challenge, completing an annual charity ride in Melbourne, Australia, called Around The Bay. As the name suggests, it’s a ride around Port Phillip Bay with options from 10km, 50km all the way up to 210km and 250km (6mi, 30mi, 130mi, 155mi).

Jason before the shave

Riding for education

Happy to ride for a cause, Around the Bay aims to get individuals and teams to fundraise for The Smith Family who assist Aussie kids at risk of falling through cracks and who struggle to meet basic educational needs. Growing up in a lower socioeconomic area and working in educational organizations for many years, it is something close to my heart.

Reaching out to my PaperCut family I found an overwhelming base of support and to just say thanks, I agreed to a challenge of a different kind…

The great PaperCut shave

Yes, it was suggested that alongside achieving the 250km ride, I would also color my hair or shave it off in return for raising money. In reaching $500 I would dye my hair PaperCut green, and for $1000 I would shave it into the shape of the PaperCut P brand. So guess what, this week, that’s just what the team did right here in Melbourne. Watch the video for more.

Armed with a real hairdresser (thanks Steph) green hair color, a logo stencil, and hair clippers, I’m now officially wearing the PaperCut brand (until my hair grows out).

Jason after the shave

While bearing a resemblance to a soft green patch of grass on top of my shoulders, I really am overwhelmed by the sponsorship and support given by the peeps at PaperCut and the PaperCut company for matching employee donations. It really does show our company’s culture along with the shape of my skull.

The extended version of my ride Around the Bay

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): the ride to Geelong was flat and quick, Geelong to Queenscliff gave hint of what was to come. Sorento to Frankston was wonderful scenery, Frankston to the city was indescribable.

The longer version:

The ride out of Melbourne, over the West Gate Bridge was quite easy to be honest. An easy pace, good weather conditions and people behaving sensibly. Once out past Werribee the pace quickened as larger groups formed. That tailwind really helped push us along and we made exceptional time (with little effort to be truthful) to Geelong. I was able to stay with large groups and the conversation was awesome!

We turned east after Geelong and got a taste of what was to come. The crosswinds between Geelong and Queenscliff were pushing riders about. A break in the trees meant you could be pushed nearly to the dividing line in the road. Nonetheless I made it to Queenscliff without incident.

The break at Queenscliff was welcome for some (myself as an example) but others cooled down, even started shivering. I’d been warned that this could happen and so made sure I kept moving about. Water bottles were refilled, food was eaten while walking about. I made sure to get out of the wind while on the ferry crossing.

Once over to Sorrento, things got hard. The groups that formed during Melbourne -> Geelong -> Queenscliff didn’t appear near me and I wasn’t dragging my feet either. They also didn’t overtake me. It was clear the easy part was over. The ride along the southern edge of Port Phillip Bay was interesting. It was tough, groups rarely formed for long (as some had obviously over exerted themselves on the first leg), or hadn’t had enough food, gotten cold, or maybe the cross wind was hurting them more. I spent a fair bit of the time alone from Sorrento to Mornington, or on the front in the wind. The scenery was quite simply amazing even if the conditions were tough.

However, I had not yet understood just how sheltered that part of the course was.

Some of you may be familiar with Oliver’s Hill. It’s fairly steep. I’ve ROLLED down it at 50km/h (30mph) on the bike.


From Frankston onwards was quite simply brutal. I am still struggling to describe the conditions without descending into profanity, repeated vulgar profanity.

From this point onwards, no large groups formed that I could see. Even the “sponsored” teams that had semi-professional riders sitting at the front keeping everyone sheltered had splintered. I saw more than a few lycra clad cyclists, Myki card (Melbourne public transport system) in hand, waiting at train stations as I rode past.

I think the worst of it was from Black Rock -> Sandringham -> Hampton. The wind was strong enough that it blew me to a standstill several times. I looked back a few times to find that I had up to a dozen riders sitting on my wheel, sheltering from the wind, at a miserable 12-15kmh (<9mph). I will admit, I sheltered behind other riders where I could but found that only worked for a short while as not many could sustain it. It was about this point that the cramps started. Quite simply this was agony and I really wanted to pull over and quit but somehow managed to keep going, just.

Getting in towards Luna Park, St Kilda the larger buildings afforded us more protection and larger groups formed again. While far from jovial, riders started talking again… the topic was how brutal the wind was.

I made it to the finish. I didn’t fall over, others did.

I just want everyone at PaperCut to know that your support meant the difference between completing this and me quitting and taking the train.

Over the last couple of weeks, and the days leading up to the event, numerous people have encouraged me, sent me messages of support on the day. I won’t name names (you know who you are), but quite simply, you made a difference on Sunday.

I had my Myki, I considered using it.

I didn’t.

Because I didn’t want to let the PaperCut team down.

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Posted on by Dan Quest

Where did everyone go?

There aren’t many companies where you can prank the CEO and CTO, but we managed to do it last week! With a team growing at a pace faster than our agile development, we moved HQ once again, only two years after the last growth spurt.

In keeping with PaperCut’s ‘qwirky’ fun culture, we couldn’t let our founders go without getting punk’d as happened to our mild mannered Tech Support star, Josh in 2014.

Taking a well earned vacation when PaperCut HQ moved from Mount Waverley to Hawthorn in 2014, Josh was told (by our CEO Chris) to go to the old, empty office when he returned back to work! This time, we’ve turned the tables on both Chris and Matt!

Using some secretly placed mobile phones and GoPro cameras, we managed to capture 65 people abandoning our cramped Hawthorn office in inner city Melbourne to our custom designed, very green new headquarters in Camberwell, a leafy suburb 8 kms from the city center.

Watch it here, tell me what you think below or share it out to your friends and colleagues. 🙂

Our culture greets you as soon as you exit the elevator, with a grassed reception, a virtual reality screen and lots of chill out spaces including the /dev/coffee cafe, now bigger than ever for the perfect espresso, macchiato or whatever takes your fancy.

And hey, as Matt says, if you’re ever in town, drop in for a coffee!

ps. If asked, Josh will deny that he turned up to the old Mount Waverley office! 🙂

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