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Simple, secure printing … at the library

Tulsa City County Library

The modern library is no longer simply a free source of reading literature. Today’s public library provides services for patrons, job-seekers and the community they thrive in. You’ll also find technology services including print and copy and internet access.

This is especially true of Oklahoma’s Tulsa City-County Library.


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An Interview with Ad – our new Head of Global Sales

We sat down with our newest PaperCutter, Ad van Amrooij, to get to know our new
Head of Global Sales a little better.

PC: So…tell us about yourself! 
AVA: I grew up in the Netherlands but I had always had a desire to live in Australia or New Zealand. It wasn’t until 1996 when I was at a certain age (!) that I decided to pack up my life and make the move to live in Melbourne, Australia. It was a choice between moving to Sydney or in Melbourne and I had the help from my two friends from Australia who lived in Amsterdam, one friend was from Sydney and the other friend was from Melbourne who both convinced me that Melbourne was the most European city. They weren’t wrong!

PC: OK… we’ve tried a number of ways on our own… how DO you pronounce your surname?
AVA: Ha! Yes.. the combination of ‘ij’ is pronounced as a letter ‘Y’. For example, in the alphabet where you have ‘x-y-z’, in dutch, it is “x-ij-z’. So Amrooij comes out as “Am-Ro-ee“. For my three girls, their surname is spelled with a ‘y’ on their birth certificate to make it easier for them – and for their teachers!

PC: What did you do prior to joining PaperCut?
AVA: I was very fortunate to have held positions across different countries and different industries; The Netherlands where I graduated as an accountant and started as a junior administrator for the National Gas Distribution Company and where I ended up co-owning and building a SAP consulting company whilst working as a programmer, to Australia where I worked for KPMG and IBM running their businesses, back to the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia working for BHP Billiton, managing their enterprise systems globally. Finally ending back in Australia, Melbourne of course, to work for Infosys and Fujitsu in various senior roles.

PC: What attracted you to PaperCut and the role?
AVA: To be honest I was attracted to PaperCut the company! I was lucky to be given a glimpse into the culture of PaperCut where you are given a barista course (just in case) and where there is a “Lego” meeting room in the head office!  The other aspect is PaperCut’s agility and nimbleness, which is different to the big corporate world I was used to. A company where the CEO can send you messages with emojis just shows you the kind of CEO he is. The company’s sincere interest in sustainability and its staff care were also very important in my decision making.

PC: What are you looking forward to most here at PaperCut?
AVA: As a print software solution company, I am looking forward to helping PaperCut grow their business by maximizing sales and leveraging of what they have been creating so far, in turn, it can be reinvested back into the business. It’s the underpinning of sustainability and cutting waste which appeals to me.

PC: What’s your vision for the channel?
AVA: Although a bit early, my vision is to bring the whole PaperCut ecosystem closer to the customer in conjunction with our channel partners which will bring longevity of the customer base through ongoing renewals and upgrades.

PC: How do you like your coffee?
AVA: I like a good cappuccino which I have now mastered at home, but am yet to get right in our coffee area!

PC: What are you passionate about?
AVA: My family’s well-being and sustainability.

PC: What do you like to do in your spare time?
AVA: I like to spend my extra time with my girls which includes attending their Friday night basketball games. I also coach one of the teams of teenage girls (yikes!). I also like to work with wood and build things. As soon as something needs fixing or replacing at home, my first “go-to” is to figure out an excuse to bring out the tools and solve it through woodworking. This passion may have stemmed from my childhood where I loved playing with wooden blocks. Plus, it ties in with my passion for sustainability – a win win!

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Ricoh Convergence 2016

If coming together was the aim of Ricoh’s Convergence conference last month in Las Vegas, then that’s exactly what the PaperCut and ecoprintQ teams managed to achieve.

The National Dealer Meeting, put us in front of 1,400 attendees all interested in the latest solutions for Multifunction Printers for the Ricoh Family Group of dealers, which also includes the Savin and Lanier brands.

Ricoh Convergence Booth 2016

The busy booth at Ricoh Convergence

Over two full days of seminars and technology displays, the PaperCut presence made a significant impact on both dealers and the Ricoh team.

“Seven representatives gave us significant bandwidth to engage at all levels”. Americas Channel Director, Joe Rubino commented, “We strengthened our relationship through collaboration and support.”

Smarter than the average panel

Embracing Android development, in July this year, we released PaperCut MF 16.2 with support for the latest Ricoh Smart Operation Panel MFP’s. Convergence gave us the opportunity to show dealers how customers can spend less time at the device, with the intuitive interface allowing multi-print job selection and quick scroll. Dealers were impressed with the latest interface, and how quick the application was to install, and intuitive to use.

“There’s a strong focus on the redesigned user interface (UI) and their Smart Operation Panel (SOP).” mentioned the copier industry newsman, Andy Slawetsky from Industry Analysts in his conference review.

The latest PaperCut MF gives Ricoh users streamlined workflows at the device, including:

  • Easier data entry for login or PIN with a multi-touch screen
  • Fast one finger scroll functionality for multi-print job selection
  • The ability to print, delete, and view the cost of multiple print jobs together


Watch how the easy to use Android based interface just works

Partnering for solutions

Alongside the demonstrations, the teams reported amazing technology discussions happening around them to solve real customer problems. Being first out of the blocks with SOP development, PaperCut were seen as an agile business, able to pivot to align with market needs.

PaperCut MF Authorized Solution Center, ecoprintQ, showcased their innovative new on-board USB card reader support and welcomed positive commentary from the Ricoh channel community. PaperCut MF for Ricoh’s success across the US and LATAM was attributed to ecoprintQ’s strong solutions and support presence.

“If anyone doubted our partner eco-system, then Ricoh USA and ecoprintQ are a model of how this works,” said Dan Quest, Global Partner Alliances Manager at PaperCut. “Much more than a PaperCut MF distributor, ecoprintQ are a vital pre-sales and technical resource for Ricoh and their channel teams.”

Ricoh Professional Services Team

Pictured, the Ricoh USA Channel Solutions Support Specialists, PaperCut and ecoprintQ

All Ricoh dealers can source PaperCut MF through Ricoh USA, which makes ordering and support easier. Dealers also benefit through Ricoh programs, and local Ricoh Solutions Support Specialists, backed by the team at ecoprintQ who are equipped and ready to help.

With the environment in mind

Making use of older devices, Ricoh’s established global resource-recycling model, aligns with PaperCut’s efforts to reduce waste. Ricoh’s worldwide GreenLine program delivers the latest operating software on revitalized MFPs, at a lower cost to users and the environment.  The GreenLine team were keen to position the benefits of saving the planet’s resources on all fronts, including reducing paper usage.

What’s next for PaperCut MF on Ricoh?

Currently, PaperCut MF integrates with Ricoh’s GlobalScan NX to provide device authentication for workflows and OCR using Ricoh’s AAA API, for a true single sign on process.

Coming in 2017, look out for Integrated Scanning on PaperCut MF, currently in development for Ricoh’s SDK Java interface.

Quoting the 1971 novel about Las Vegas “A little bit of this town goes a very long way,” then Ricoh Convergence certainly lived up to expectations.

More information, visit the PaperCut MF for Ricoh Tour.

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