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PaperCutter to perform with Royal Melbourne Philharmonic choir

PaperCutter to perform with Royal Melbourne Philharmonic choir

Ever wonder what your typical PaperCutter gets up to when they’re not, you know, papercutting?

Turns out at least one of us sings in a choir! And it just so happens Shilpa and her fellow choristers will be singing with the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir, no less!

If you’re in Melbourne on Sunday 18 August and have a hankering for some battle singing (see below), get your early bird tickets right here!

WHAT: The 13th Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Aria Competition Final

WHEN: Sunday 18 August from 7pm

WHERE: Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne Australia

WHY: Watch (and hear) PaperCut’s very own Shilpa Shankar sing!

The evening begins with the 13th RMP Aria Competition Final, which is the Australian oratorio singing competition where soloists battle it out.

Hopefully Shilpa won’t be singing in the rain

The evening culminates with Shilpa’s (and friends) performance of the premiere of ‘Dixit Dominus’. This will feature over 150 voices of the RMP Oratorio Festival Choir, the RMP Orchestra, and Australian soloists. That’s a lot of voices.

Tickets include a “champagne and cheese” reception at the conclusion of the evening!

Use the 10% off early bird discount code RMPVIPARIA2019 (valid until Friday 9 August) when buying tickets.