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PaperCut Vote for a Feature survey update

A little while ago I made a short post about a Vote for a Feature survey that we’re conducting. This survey is designed to gather feedback from PaperCut users regarding some of the smaller features that they would like to see added. The response has been fantastic and also very thorough. Many of our customers have taken the time to answer the ‘Scratch an Itch’ question!

Most importantly though is that with the release of version 10.3 we have added one of the popularly requested features, namely the ability to edit scheduled reports – currently sitting in the “top three” as shown in the graph below. (Standings as of Tuesday 18th of May, 2010)

Sum of Voting

Over the next few months we’ll be working to address many of the other highly requested Scratch an Itch features. In the meantime, if you’d like to have your say, make sure you take the time to record your vote.


  • Sam

    Printing to iPad?

    I think the easiest option is to set up an email account on a computer near the printer and have students email the PDF to this email address, then open the attachment and print it from there.

    However I found this guys script… seems very interesting however it doesn’t support PaperCut.

    But… If papercut could charge the print to the user of the email address that the original email gets send from that would work.

    Thought I would send you this idea and you may have a great solution to provide those schools that are contemplating iPads, like us.–-send-pdf-as-email-to-mac-os-x-server-10-6

    I have web printing working, but the iPad doesn’t let you upload files, I guess it doesn’t have a user interface to its filesystem.