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PaperCut Version 11.3 Now Available

PaperCut 11.3 is now available for download. This release contains plenty of improvements like project/client discounts (per-shared account) and hardware-level validation of pages printed. See the release history for the full list of changes.

In the meantime, our new support system has now had some time to settle in. If you’ve contacted support lately you may have noticed some changes such as the new live chat interface and being able to log in to check the status of your ticket(s). For us, the system provides better visibility of open tickets and makes it easier for your question to go straight to the person with the right knowledge to help.


  • pergola fabio

    I was really looking forward to the snmp accounting, great job guys!!

    • Hi,

      Normally in our environment the cards are created, printed and cut. They are then sold single in various denominations, but there is a little problem; can there be a papercut printer that prints the cards on a strip that enables them to be printed and sold at will? I think this would be great, just like a little label machine – hucked up to the PC, then we simply would need to buy a role that fits into this machine.

      I would take much work out of the process and this should not cost much. Currently the cards are printed on waste paper (we got alot), and the cycle continues. But, when dealing with kids you can’t get away from hick-ups, surely there are no duplicates numbers coming from card wizard, but too often somewhere in the process between cutting and selling a duplicate appears. A printer would surely eliminate this and many more problems. The old way would be a backup process should something go wrong…

      I would like to see a printer come on stream for papercut…

  • To PaperCut Team

    This feature brings new opportunities and give a more realistic accounting also brings more true to all the refunds made.

    keep up the great work but do not abuse on the coffee beans.

    Huge hug to all

  • I love Papercut

  • That’s why we trust you guys, very great job.

  • Shawn Welter

    Good work. I love the new support system. I am even evaluating it for our own use.