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PaperCut MF in cinemas now (well, YouTube at least)

PaperCut MF in cinemas now (well, YouTube at least)
PaperCut MF Embedded Application running on a copier

Embedded Application Tour

Many of you know that PaperCut MF embedded software runs directly on your copier’s touchscreen. Today we are releasing a set of video tours for our embedded application running on different multifunction devices. These videos are great to see how PaperCut works on a device without a complex embedded software install or buying an expensive test device.

Each tour demonstrates the important features such as: user authentication; copy tracking and control; and secure print release.

The MFD video tours developed so far include:

It’s been a great experience filming and developing these videos because I’ve had a chance to step into the shoes of our customer and  I’ve really enjoyed it. However I’m pretty sure everyone in the office has been getting sick of me telling them to “shut-up” while I was recording! The videos were filmed using real hardware, rather than an emulator, to recreate the view of the everyday end user and make it a user experience focused tour. We have a lot of videos on the horizon.

The videos completed so far can be found on the PaperCut MF embedded device tour as well as our YouTube channel. Keep your eye on our channel and twitter feed for announcements of new videos.


  • Luke

    Nice to see these videos. We’re currently running PaperCut with Konica Minolta MFDs and we’re in the process of considering changing suppliers at the end of our contract. Seeing the interface videos in action like this is just what I’m after!

    I’d like to see how usabile PaperCut is on Sharp and Ricoh as well. What’s the ETA on these demonstrations?

    • Hi Luke,

      We have both Sharp and Ricoh on our embedded video tour roadmap and we’re just about to get started developing these videos.

      Each video takes a couple of weeks to develop before going into post-production and review but we’ll be putting out the videos as soon as we’ve completed them,
      keep an eye out on the PaperCut Twitter feed or you can even subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first notified.

  • Ross

    These are great for everyone to see how each platform works.

    When can we expect a director’s cut in 1080p with full DTS-MA / Dolby TrueHD audio 🙂

  • Chris

    There are now videos for all MFD embedded software PaperCut Support (Sharp, Ricoh, etc.) You can view the full list here: