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Dan focusing on serious business

Dan focusing on serious business

Thought I’d share a behind-the-scenes story on the PaperCut team and their coffee obsession.

It is no secret that coffee is a part of daily life here at PaperCut. Along with drinking and appreciating coffee we can’t help but mention it in blog posts, job ads, when talking about ourselves and even demonstrating product features.

In fact, the entire PaperCut team are trained coffee baristas!

We recently sent another 9 team members along for their barista induction, some of whom you may be familiar with. During the day we learnt about different roasts, pulling perfect espresso shots, frothing milk (a lot of milk!), tried our hand at latte art and produced many variants of coffees. Some were great and required immediate consumption, others were awful and went straight in the slop bucket πŸ™‚

By the end of the day we had 9 more confident baristas for the team and a new qualification to add to our resumes in case the the world ever goes paperless πŸ˜‰


  • Peter McKeon

    That looks very familiar.. if I had to guess it’s the training room at the Paramount Centre. I did the same course.

    What kind of espresso machine(s) lives at the office?

    • Tom

      That’s the one!

      At the office we outsource our coffee to the cafe downstairs, which by chance makes a great coffee. We like to think of it as the PaperCut cafe πŸ™‚

      Getting our own espresso machine is an idea that does get tossed around every now and then, although if the course was anything to go by then people like making coffees much more than cleaning up πŸ™‚

  • RossM

    You would think a bunch of rugged Aussies would be more at home pulling pints or wrestling/eating the native wildlife. You should watch