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New and Noteworthy in PaperCut v16.0

PaperCut NG and MF v16.0 – released March 2016

A quick overview guide to the v16.0 release. For more detail see the Release Notes.


Flexible printer setup with Direct Printing

PaperCut makes it easy to print from a computer to a printer without a print server. Businesses of any size can track and report on printing keeping configuration, administration and reporting simple.

Are you a Small to Medium Business (SMB) with a small number of computers, no dedicated IT support, a lean or cloud-based network infrastructure or no budget to increase hardware?

Direct Printing for SMBs

A simple SMB configuration with computers and an App server.

Consider this alternative PaperCut deployment model to simplify set up for new printers. There’s no need to add a print server or change printer or network configuration, saving time on installation.

Organizations with distributed branches are ideal for Direct Printing, including post offices, bank branches, gas stations, and retail outlets. Headquarters can track and report on printing using a print server, but avoid the cost and maintenance of having one in each branch.

Organization with head office hosting the print server and other server infrastructure

Organization with head office hosting the print server and other server infrastructure.

The combination of Direct Printing and a private cloud implementation of PaperCut can eliminate the need for any local server infrastructure by hosting the App server offsite. Visit the Direct Printing Tour.

Notifications for Printer Groups

Get the right printer notification to the right person in your organization. Now administrators can select who receives print error notifications for any collection of printers by groups, department or building. Notifications include “printer in error” and “low toner” alerts. Coupled with ‘timely alerts’ these notifications allow for quicker response times for devices in error.

Notify the right administrator of each printer group when a device they are responsible for is in error.

Notify the right administrator of each printer group when a device they are responsible for is in error.

Easier Mail Server Setup

Configure email servers easily from the Admin User Interface, enabling notifications about important events that you want to be alerted to.

Settings for popular services like Google, Yahoo and are populated automatically.

SMTP Encryption now enabled from the Notifications Tab

SMTP Encryption now enabled from the Notifications Tab.

Our New Look Manuals

We’re excited to announce we are revamping our manuals! This first phase includes a refresh to the User Interface and easier navigation and search functionality. Whether you’re searching the manual, or the entire PaperCut website, all the information you need is at your fingertips. Stay tuned for the next update. View the new PaperCut NG Manual.

The refreshed format HTML manual brings the design in step with the PaperCut website

The refreshed format HTML manual brings the design in step with the PaperCut website.

PaperCut MF on Epson, Muratec, OKI and Sindoh MFDs

In our drive for customer choice, we have extended the range of devices supported with PaperCut MF. In partnership with PaperCut, Epson, Muratec and OKI have developed device integration for secure tracking and print control on Epson inkjets, Muratec MFDs and added OKI MFDs. Additionally, PaperCut’s integration now extends to Sindoh MFDs.

Available for all manufacturers, if there’s a device out there that we don’t support, let us know.

See the Epson Tour.
See the Muratec Tour.
OKI Login-New&Noteworthy
See the OKI Tour.

PaperCut MF Accessibility Improvements for Canon Embedded

Not all users can easily access the touch screen on devices, they may be hard to read or placed in a difficult to reach position.

To increase accessibility for all, PaperCut MF now supports keyboards and card readers connected to Canon MFDs. Users can choose to login to the device via a swipe card or better positioned external keyboard.

Canon MFD shown with USB connected keyboard and USB connected card reader.

Canon MFD shown with USB connected keyboard and USB connected card reader.

Want to know more?

To help you digest all the updates, we’ve detailed all features, enhancements and fixes, see the Release Notes for PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.


  • Adam

    I’ve been waiting for a print client feature from Papercut, can’t wait to try it out 🙂

    Integrating this feature with a Private Cloud is the future, today!

    • Vanessa at PaperCut

      Hi Adam,

      Great to hear you’re so excited! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback to! We love hearing from our customers!

      • Adam

        Have only had a limited chance to play with this feature, but first impressions are that at 223mb for the installer its not going to be easily automatically deployed to remote offices with slow links (which is unfortunately the typical scenario I had hoped for 🙁 )

        I’d welcome any thoughts on this.

        • Vanessa at PaperCut

          Hi Adam,

          We don’t have a way to make the installer smaller because we need to have access to the components in it, but on a happy note you can download the file once per office and then have it available locally for users to install as needed.

          If you could drop us a line at with additional information on your environment we’ll be more than happy to see what we can do to help!

          • Adam


            Thanks for the reply. I’d already guessed that would pretty much be the answer.

            I love Papercut for many reasons, but mainly its the flexibility of the software. However, this is the one feature which means we need to use other Print Management software in a lot of our enterprise environments as they require a solid approach to client printing (which ultimately means the ability to quickly and easily deploy and configure it). Take Papercuts approach for the Client Pop-up as an example, multiple options to deploy with little or no server side configuration beyond creating a GPO or packaging the MSI through SCCM.

            I hate to drop names, but if you take a look at either Safecom or Equitrac they both offer a sub 20mb print client with almost no post install configuration. This is what I was hoping for from Papercut, but what it feels like is more of a renamed secondary print server service with a few configuration additions.

            Honestly, I think Nuance might be breathing a sigh of relief as this could have been a killer for them.

          • Hi Adam,

            You’re absolutely right! Unfortunately there’s not a way around it currently that I can give you immediately – but the question of the installer size did come up from a couple of our Authorized Solution Centers too. We discussed being able to shrink the size of the installer, but it wasn’t as easy as initially thought, which is why this first release of Direct Printing has a relatively large installer.

            It’s definitely something that we’re looking at internally though – there’s a development ticket for this question too, which I’ve added your information to so that the dev team have more background on requirements.

            Sorry that there isn’t a more immediate answer here, but hopefully you’ll see improvements in future versions. Fingers crossed!

  • Marco Chiarparin

    i hope that in the future there will be the support to GoogleApps for Education that is very important for the school!

    • James Vinar

      Hi Marco, thanks for expressing interest. I can see you’ve made a comment about this before – So we understand it’s important to you. I will follow up internally and provide you with an update.

    • Richard Webb

      i agree – as a reseller, its something we’re encountering more and more and is quite tricky right now.

    • James Vinar

      Hi Marco, the product team will be interested to speak with you about this. Google integration is something that we are considering for development, and it will be great to talk to you more about how you are using Google Apps. If you’re wanting to get in touch, please send us an email at 🙂

  • Katherine Roy

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    Canon Toner

  • Chad Swarthout

    Not sure if this is the venue.. It would be nice to adjust the Client window Size so text can be read. Also the ability to add groups to printers appose to overwriting existing when copying settings. i.e. Add Site group xxx to all printers that are also in group xxx to all Konica’s or Xerox.

  • Anamika Panday

    It a good article post.