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New “live web chat”

We’re experimenting with a new live web chat feature on the PaperCut website and knowledge base. The idea is that it might help turn around those quick questions people have in a more efficient manner. We’re manning the live chat for a 12-hour period each day for the next month to gauge it’s usefulness. If we’re online, you’ll see a flashing live chat image on the contact us page. It’s been up for a few days and already we’ve helped solve a few support problems and sales queries.

The live chat feature is fully web based and requires no additional software or plug-ins. Thanks to the guys at Crafty Syntax Live Help for the great software.

If you’d like to talk we me or any of the other people at PaperCut Software, why not try out our live web chat!


  • Ali Shah

    printer keeps printing color. need it to only print black and white.

    • Tom

      Hi Ali. Choosing to print in color or black and white is generally a driver-level option. There are generally options to control the default settings users see when printing, and sometimes restricting which settings can be changed. PaperCut does have the ability to *convert* jobs to grayscale for more advanced usage or where a driver-level option does not exist. If you need assistance please contact support.

  • Good morning, I’ve just joined the PaperCut software and with some expert persons, in this software, I came to know this chat.
    So, I’m asking you if I can join in the live chat if is possibile? Because in the next months I’ll have to do some PaperCut installations and if I have troubles I know where I can find some help.

    Thank you.

    Willy Da Silva
    Onys Digital Solution SA (Switzerland)

  • Madakiwe Nyashadzashe

    using papercut NG. web-pirnt won’t print pdf files. however, it does print picture files (jpg etc) can someone urgently help me get to print pdf files

    • Dan (Papercut Support)


      I see you left a comment on another page, if you can get in touch with us at we can investigate this for you.