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New & Noteworthy – PaperCut makes it as easy as child’s play with Version 17.0

PaperCut 17.0 makes your job even easier with Mobility Print, a new modern UI design, Integrated Scanning, and direct copier access for guests.

Release overview

For 17.0, PaperCut have focused on making it easy – easy for SysAdmins and easy for end users. From simple printing from BYOD and mobile devices to the latest in UI design, we’re making PaperCut as easy to use as child’s play.

The addition of PaperCut MF Integrated Scanning for Toshiba MFDs (MDS v3) and Epson Multifunction Devices makes it easy to configure and manage Scan Actions, allowing users to securely scan to authorized email and folder destinations. On Sharp and Kyocera MFDs (and others soon) we’ve added a new optional “Guest Access” button providing easy one-click access to the device under a guest user account.

So…let’s get into the detail!


Mobility Print – Make mobile & BYOD printing simple again

As IT has shifted from managed desktops over to BYOD and mobile devices, a whole new set of complexities have appeared. Print environments in particular have felt this, with fragmented solutions needed to support all the different platforms and devices available. Wasn’t technology meant to make our lives “simpler”? That’s why we created Mobility Print! It takes a few clicks to set up, new printers are automatically published, and most importantly, no more support calls about finding print drivers or joining domains!  

After brewing in the percolator (under the codename Project Banksia), release 17.0 lifts the curtain on Mobility Print. Building on our existing mobile and BYOD solutions, PaperCut is bringing the simplicity of print management back for SysAdmins – having the software do the heavy lifting so printing “just works” on any end-user device. We’re making it easy!  


Mobility Print gives users the choice and freedom to print from whatever device is at their disposal, providing a native print experience across all platforms (iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows MacOS). Whether on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks, users can quickly discover and print to any published printer, meaning SysAdmins get more time “playing with infrastructure” rather than dealing with frustrated end users.

And of course, PaperCut will continue to support existing Mobile & BYOD options such as Web Print, iOS printing, Google Cloud Print and Email to Print, providing greater choice for SysAdmins and end users alike. This flexibility is especially helpful if you are encouraging BYOD at your workplace or implementing a 1-to-1 (1:1) laptop program at your school.

Find out more on the Mobility Print Tour page or dive into the Mobility Print manual.


Introducing a new modern UI design

As we push ourselves to deliver the latest in technology, we always have SysAdmins, their users, and the overall experience at the top of our mind. Drawing on the latest UI designs and UX workflows, we have refreshed the interface of PaperCut NG and MF to present a more intuitive, clean, and fun new look.

A few changes you will notice straight away are the main navigation menu has moved to the left hand side and the Actions menu is now at the top right hand side. On a high resolution screen, you will be greeted with clearer icons and an actions menu that is always in sight, giving you a warm fuzzy feeling about that 5K screen you just bought. As an added bonus, you’ll now have time for an extra coffee or two with the ability to bookmark your commonly used pages and a quicker way to select or clear admin rights for users.

The refreshed Admin web interface is just one of the modern enhancements we will continue to deliver. With more room on the navigation menu, there is no limit to how many new features PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF can contain!

We’ll be sending out a couple of blogs over the coming weeks telling all the little stories behind the picture. Keep an eye on our blog!


PaperCut MF with Integrated Scanning for Toshiba and Epson devices

Integrated Scanning extends PaperCut MF print and copy management features with new pre-configurable Scan Actions ensuring effortless integration into existing business processes.

Toshiba MDS v3 and Epson users can easily scan documents to authorized email and folder destinations via a seamless experience at the MFD panel.

See the Toshiba Tour

See the Epson Tour


Refreshed PaperCut MF interface on Xerox and Canon

We are continuing to refresh PaperCut MF across all manufacturer devices – with 19 supported embedded applications, this is clearly a big job yet one we gladly take onboard!

We are pleased to announce the PaperCut MF interface has been refreshed for Xerox and Canon Multifunction Devices.

We’re excited to announce that this refresh is the first step to adding Integrated Scanning to Xerox in 2017.

To find out more on Xerox, visit the Tour.

To find out more on Canon, visit the Tour.

Guest Access on Sharp and Kyocera using PaperCut MF

There are some times when you need to bend the rules! PaperCut MF now allows SysAdmins to easily enable a button on the device login screen authorizing anonymous user access to the device. This provides a quick and easy option for users and/or guests wanting to copy and scan on otherwise restricted devices without logging in or being charged. A nominated user account can be associated to the “Guest Access” button, allowing tracking of all copy, print and scan usage with device-specific and user account configuration.

To find out more, check out our latest knowledge base article.


Getting started on PaperCut NG has never been easier!

While PaperCut NG has one of the best documented products out there, our manual is over 1000 pages long – and we know no-one really likes to read through that many pages no matter how much you like techie stuff! We have developed Getting Started Guides for Windows users to get you up and running quicker! Tailored specifically for Education, Business, and Professional sectors, each guide provides the key information required for a standard install.

To find out more, check out our knowledge base article on getting started.


The latest on Print Security

Have you heard the story about 150,000 printers being hijacked? Unfortunately, this one was not a joke as many offices discovered earlier this year (read more from the BBC in “Hacker briefly hijacks insecure printers”). Cases like these highlight the increasing importance of printing security – after all printing is a business critical function which handles sensitive information.

PaperCut’s heritage is in education, a tough security environment (students do like to hack!) and security has always been a core value.  We’ve now pooled our security knowledge and lessons learnt over the past two decades to bring you a new white paper: Securing your Print System.

This paper provides practical and tested advice on how to secure your print system end-to-end from before a print job is printed, through securing the print workflow, to safeguarding your printed documents.

For the latest on PaperCut’s security, check out the PaperCut security knowledge base article.


Want to know more?

To help you digest all the updates, we’ve detailed all features, enhancements and fixes, in the 17.0 Release Notes for PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

And of course, the “Fine Print”

If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance, your upgrade to Version 17.0 is already included. Otherwise, one-time upgrades may be purchased via our online order system or through your PaperCut supplier. And hey, added bonus – upgrading now will entitle you to all of the releases in the 17.x series throughout the year!


  • Kiran

    Good Day,

    Any news on integrated scanning for Ricoh devices?

    • Robert Fuller

      +1 on Ricoh scanning!

    • Hey Kiran,

      Great question – SDK/J is coming soon, we’re hoping to aim for 17.1 which is aimed for April/May. After that, we can focus our efforts on SmartSDK. Hope this helps!

      • Robert Fuller

        Excellent news, thanks Josh.
        We are mainly SDK/J but we now have a couple of SmartSDK machines now. Boo about the lost of graphics customisation on the SmartSDK. *hint hint*

        • Hey Robert, that’s good you’ll be able to use SDK/J then!

          Regarding the graphics customisation, we hear you loud and clear. We’ve got an internal development ticket regarding the ability to do this on the SmartSDK platform, so I’ve just added this web comment to, so any news on that and I’ll let you know directly.

  • Dave

    Hi guys, Xerox only improvements or Fuji Xerox too?

    • Hey Dave! This round it’s only for Xerox, but we have Fuji Xerox lined up this year – we’re hoping to start work on this in a few months time pending a few other features we’re wanting to get out the door 🙂

      Any questions, throw us an email at and we’ll find the right people to answer!

  • OE Canada


    Congratulations on the new release. It looks fabulous!
    Is there a guide for it?

    • Adam Byer

      Hi! Thanks! Glad you like the new UI! We are also quite fond of it ourselves 🙂

      For documentation, you can access the 17.0 manual after installing by clicking the documentation.url file in the PaperCut application directory on your server. Also, we have updated large portions of our website and have started updating portions of our knowledge base to reflect the new version. Lastly, you can see all of the changes listed out on our release history page here:

      If you have any more specific questions after reading through our resources, feel free to reach out to our support team at Thanks!

  • Ryan

    I’m curious how the Mobility print will work with using a Find Me Printing situation in Education. There wouldn’t be an easy way to have it installed on many servers in which to handle the load like we can with Web Print. Is there an ideal situation to this or am I mistaking how it works? Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Hi Ryan,
      Great question! In this scenario, we need to install Mobility Print on each Server where you have a Find-Me print queue. If you have multiple Print Servers with a Find-Me queue on each one, then you’ll need to install Mobility Print on them too so the print queues are advertised to your devices.

      The link below is to our Mobility Print section that covers how to setup in a single or multiple Print Server environment:

      In a Web Print scenario the documents are processed on the Server, which could require more Servers as each document has to be opened by a program like Word for example. For Mobility Print the document is printed from the user’s computer, and the processing on the Server is very little.

      Let us know how you go or if you have any further questions!

  • Reef

    Loving the new UI!!! Good work 🙂

    • Dale Micallef

      Cheers Reef, we’re glad you like it. I know the design and dev teams put a lot of work into it, so the positive feedback is appreciated 🙂

  • tylerpage

    Mobility Print looks like the all-in-one mobile solution we’ve been looking/waiting for. Any idea on when the Linux version will be available?

    • Adam Byer

      Hi tylerpage,

      Thanks for the question! The Linux version of Mobility Print is in the works. We are planning on rolling it out soon after the Mac version in the next few months but keep an eye out for more specific announcements in the near future. Thanks again!

  • Chad Swarthout

    Interesting Result: We are still attempting to implement old Xerox machines…. We have not been successful getting them to work in PaperCutMF 16.4….
    After working with our 3rd party Consultant, We were told the response from Papercut was “There doesn’t seem to be a problem with PaperCut, rather the network” Even though the Machine would login, and was able to download the Xerox Job log. The user could not login “Communication to the Authentication Server has failed”
    The Good News: PaperCutMF17.0.2 has resolved the issues and these machines are now usable.
    -note some time the Status shows “EIP 1.0+” others “EIP 1.5+”

    • Adam Byer

      Hi Chad,

      Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that the issue was resolved after updating. We are always striving to work on compatibility across devices 🙂

      If you have any more issues that come up, feel free to send us an email at Thanks again!

  • Anthony Harris

    Love the new interface! It adds some features I actually implemented with Tampermonkey a while back.
    Pinning the actions panel and selecting from filtered lists in particular are nice to have without a userscript.

    Can we get the Printer physical identifier to be a proper link in the next one?

    • Marc (PaperCut Support)

      Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for contacting PaperCut.
      I would like to help you with your request but as there are different locations where the printers are showing in PaperCut would you please send a screenshot of where you want the printers to be linked?
      I will contact you again after you uploaded the screenshot to give you an update.

      Kind regards,

  • Mark Thomas

    Is there any chance that we can control photocopying limits one day?

    • Vittorio Aquino

      Good question Mark. PaperCut MF currently does that. We’d love to hear what brand of copiers you have there. That would help us direct you to a specific page, or assist you with specific steps. In any case, looking forward to hearing from you soon. 🙂

      • Mark Thomas

        We currently have Toshiba printers. They tell us we can’t currently limit what people photocopy. We’d love to be able to stop photocopying for students but allow scanning > email. And cut down what staff can photocopy e.g. no more than 25 copies and stop more than 10 copies for 100+ page documents. Our aim is to cut down our printing costs. Thanks

        • Alec Clews

          Hello Thomas, to implement this you would need something similiar to print scripting, but for copier jobs. This is feature we would really like to add to the product. However it’s very hard and we are still at the stage of working out what this means and how we could implement it. When we get around to this well be letting everyone know of course.

  • trentq

    It just installed the upgrade and since then every few seconds a program at c:Program FilesPapercut MFserverbinwinauth.exe is trying to run as an account called test. Anyone else getting this?

    • Hi Trent,

      I see you have opened a ticket for this as well which I have taken.

  • Chris

    Our company is still on version 14, we have recently started adding print servers in different locations as “secondary”. 1) Can I upgrade directly from v14 to v17? 2) Does both the primary and secondary servers need to be upgraded at the same time?

    • Adam B

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for getting in touch! In short, we don’t require the secondary servers to be upgraded at the same time for them to work. We do recommend getting them all on the same version if possible. You can find more info on this here: If you have any further questions while looking into the upgrade process, feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks!