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New year, new version number and an awesome new release

New year, new version number and an awesome new release

The start of a new year is always an exciting time here at PaperCut. For starters, it means a new series of version numbers for our solutions. As it’s 2018, it means our version numbers will start with (wait for it), 18!

It also means there’ll be a huge new release. And it just so happens that PaperCut 18.0 is here right now!

This release is a real game changer. For the first time ever, PaperCut MF lets you track and control ALL print devices across your organization, including the production printers in your in-house print room, and 3D printers and CNC machines in your fabrication labs.

Pretty cool huh!? 

Release highlights

  • Connect your print rooms and FabLabs to PaperCut MF with Job Ticketing
  • All new multi-function application with updated user interface for HP OXP devices
  • New security updates to help you stay GDPR compliant

Production printing, 3D printing, laser cutting – track them all

In-house print rooms and fabrication labs (FabLabs) no longer need to feel left out of the PaperCut circle. With PaperCut MF’s newest feature, Job Ticketing, they can now be connected to the rest of the organization. Job Ticketing lets you track and control production printing, 3D printing, laser cutting or any other service offered through these facilities. It doesn’t matter what type of device it is, they can all be managed.

Job Ticketing works by providing a simple way for your users to submit an order online. The ordering system is super easy to use. It’s been designed with our mothers in mind, so we know that if they can place an order, so can your users. The order form can be configured differently based on product types to ensure all required information is collected during the ordering process. Users can also check the status of their job or send messages to operators at any time from the End-User Web interface.

Once the order is placed, print room and FabLab operators can manage the job from their very own web interface. Using a customizable workflow process, they can:

  • Track a job from submission through to delivery back to the customer
  • Send messages to users at any time
  • Print the job details

Best of all, now that they’reconnected to PaperCut MF, operators can charge a job with literally a click of a button. Jobs can be charged to a user at any point along the workflow process, straight back to their personal account or to a designated shared account.

What does Job Ticketing cost?

There is a charge to enable this new feature. We suggest speaking with your authorized PaperCut reseller or contacting a local Authorized Solution Center to learn more. But why wait? You can also request a trial from them now and worry about the cost later!   

All new multi-function application is here for HP OXP

We’re closing in on providing a consistent user experience across all manufacturers. With 19 supported embedded applications, this has been a big job – yet one we gladly took on!

Building on top of the new HP OXP application for printers released in 17.4, The new HP OXP application is the latest multifunction device application to be added to the list. This fully web service-based application can be deployed remotely. It enables secure Find-Me printing, as well as full tracking and control of all user device activity: printing, copying,scanning and faxing, plus print from and scan to USB drives.

But wait, there’s more! This is just the first phase for the new HP OXP application. Work continues and Integrated Scanning functionality is now in development..

The latest GDPR and security updates    

Can you believe there are now fewer than 150 days until GDPR will be enforced across Europe? We’ve been making real changes to our product to help organizations comply with obligations related to their printing systems. In the 17.2 release, for example, new features Forget-Me and What Do You Know About Me were added to assist in complying with “Right to Access” and “Right to be Forgotten” changes.

In the 18.0 release, PaperCut MF continues to make real changes. There’s now an option to automatically remove document names and archives from job logs after any amount of time. This allows an organisation to keep traceability and accountability of printed documents through features like Print Archiving and Digital Signatures, and still easily comply with Right to be Forgottenprivacy regulations.

Read more about how to make your print system GDPR compliant

And remember, security has always been a core value of PaperCut’s products. We recently pooled all the security knowledge from across the company together and put out a whitepaper on securing your print system. It provides simple tips to ensure your print system is secure from internal and external threats.  

Something’s brewing in the percolator

An exciting new project has arrived in the Percolator. For those new to the Percolator, it’s our testing grounds for new projects still in development.


Laying the groundwork to support integrated scanning to any cloud storage solution. 

Get involved with Project Acacia today!

Want to know more about release 18.0?  

To help you digest all the updates, we’ve detailed all features, enhancements and fixes in the 18.0 release notes:

And of course, the “Fine Print”

If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance (PUA), upgrading to Version 18.0 is already included. Otherwise, you can purchase Premium Upgrade Assurance any time via our online order system or through your PaperCut supplier. And hey, as an added bonus – upgrading now will entitle you to all of the releases in the 18.x series throughout the year!


  • tylerpage

    Do you have a demo video of the Job Ticketing function? I’d like to show other people in our org to see if they’re interested.

    • Priyanka Dave

      Hi tylerpage, At the moment, demo video is only available once you install Job Ticketing. If you are interested, I can put you in touch with our Authorized Solution Center who can help you with setting up a trial for Job Ticketing.

      If you could send us an email at about this, I can get this organized for you.

      • tylerpage

        I’ve already got a call in with our reseller. But I think it would benefit your current customers to see how this new feature works without having to upgrade and install it first.

        • Priyanka Dave

          Hi tylerpage,

          For now, I would recommend you to set up PaperCut on a test machine. We can provide you with a trial license so that you can test this functionality out. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

        • Hi Tyler. I agree. We have demo and setup videos for most areas of PaperCut NG/MF on our YouTube playlists. e.g. Embedded software, Mobility Print, and even videos on how to see up PaperCut with Azure Active Directory… pretty much every corner of the App! Having a Job Ticketing playlist makes perfect sense. I’ll raise this with @jacques_groenewald:disqus . Jacques is the product owner of the Job Ticketing team. I know video creation was on his roadmap. It’s been a real push to have this out for 18.0 release and we’re running a little behind on some of our marketing tasks. I’ll get him to share where he’s at. As a side note, out of the existing videos we have, what style do you think works best?

          • tylerpage

            Thanks Chris, I hear you. I find videos w detailed instructions as well as general feature overview videos helpful. I think especially when introducing major new features it’s nice to have a general overview of how that new feature might function so customers can decide if it’s a “must have” or how useful it might be.

          • Priyanka Dave

            Hi Tylerpage,

            Thanks for your feedback.This is something I will discuss with Jacques too. Once we have it available, I will let you know about it.

  • Giles Batchelor

    Ohhh Exciting. Shame we purchased a JT system about 12 months ago, but when that one is near support expiry we’ll definitely take a look.

    • Hi Giles, let us know if you’d like us to get you in contact with your reseller or authorised solution centre. They can make sure you have a chance to get a closer look or get a trial license. By the way, our Job Ticketing license won’t expire. You’ll need to stay on support to keep getting the latest features, but it is a license you get to purchase and keep similar to PaperCut NG or MF.

  • Ken Patton

    I installed job ticketing last week and I must say as always I am impressed with all of PaperCut’s innovative print management solutions. I will be sharing this with our sales team now that’s it’s officially released.

    • Great to hear you’ve been exploring this new feature Ken! Stay in contact as you take this to your customers. We’d love to hear more about your experiences as you get started.

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  • Tim Johnson

    I see that integrated scanning is getting a boost on the roadmap, any chance for integrated scanning working with FTP in the future?

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the option to scan to an FTP site through the Integrated Scanning in PaperCut MF.

      Is this somewhere that could be scanned to locally over an SMB file share while still remaining an FTP site?

      I would suggest that the best way to offer this option to your users would be to use the native scanning functionality of the MFDs. Most MFDs support Scan to FTP natively and this should be something we can track and record in PaperCut MF.

      From our research FTP is being replaced in a lot of instances and it is unlikely we would look to develop this functionality. I know thoughts around scanning are now looking towards the Cloud, especially with the introduction of our new Project Acacia allowing you the ability to scan to cloud platforms, we are now seeing customers moving towards.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help on this occasion.

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  • Chad Swarthout

    I expected but did not see any reference to “Support for compact PDFs with Konica Minolta” when using Scan to Me. Was this addressed/added in 18?

    • Hi Chad. I’ll raise this with our product team and get them to post back here. In the meantime, here is a bit of an Inside Story: I know compact PDFs and “level of compression” type settings has been an often raised and discussed feature. It’s a project management “balance”. Some embedded platforms have certification or hardware compatibility testing programs that any changes must pass before release. Because of this we often try to “batch up” changes so we can roll them into a single certification. I know Konica Minolta is a certified platform (bEST). This may help explain why you’ll often see many of the small changes/features roll in as a block of changes rather than spread out over each point release.

      • Chad Swarthout

        Found it: Advanced Config – ext-device.konica-minolta.browser.scanning-compact-pdf
        133 Page 300DPI, Color – 5MB PDF NOW!!! THANKS!!

        • Nice! The benefit of the pile of config keys! That’s awesome. We have a few approaches we take to configuration management. Generally we try to make sure anything (within reason) is configurable, and take a bit of a hierarchy approach depending on it’s applicability. e.g.:
          * Undocumented config key
          * Documented config key
          * An advanced option in the admin UI
          * A prominent option in the admin UI
          Often a config option will start out at one point in the hierarchy and “bubble up” over time as it proves it’s usefulness. What are your thoughts on this one? Should it maybe have a different default for new installs? Should it graduate into the admin UI? I’m sure our product team would love your input.

          • Chad Swarthout

            As I see it, This feature should be a default. It is a rare occasion that anyone in my environment would need a non-compressed PDF. At the very least this would be a great check box/Drop down in the integrated scanning sub menu.

          • Tim Bentley

            Hi Chad –

            Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

            Our usual policy when changing product behaviour is to make the previous behaviour the default, just to avoid surprising any customers who aren’t aware of the change. We have also observed a slight degradation in image quality with the Compact PDF option, which also weighed against making it the default.

            However, if it becomes clear that the majority of customers are turning Compact PDF on, then we would consider making it the default option in future.

            We definitely agree that it would be nice to have this configurable via UI at some point.

            Thanks again for the comments and suggestion!

  • hagenuck1


    are there any plans to automatically customize the XML file generated by the integrated scanning? Our DMS supports the import of XML files, but their content and file binding must have a certain format. It would be good to be able to use a template to specify a format in which you can use the variables of the integrated scanning. Currently we can’t use the integrated scanning feature because of this and would have to program a software that automatically would get the xml of the file, write it into a new one and save this file and the pdf in another folder, but this would be very error-prone.