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Added security through Mobility Print with per job authentication mode

For customers using Mobility Print with either PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF, you can now quickly and easily set the printer authentication mode for each individual printer . By default, the authentication mode is set to “per device”, which means users details are remembered for the device they are printing from. However by clicking on the Select Printers option of the interface, you can now select the option “authenticate per job”, which means user details will need to be re-entered for each print job. This will help to provide extra security on shared devices, as user authentication will be required for each print job.

Please note that per job authentication is not supported on Windows devices. If you configure per job authentication for a printer, then that printer will not be available in the Windows Printer installer. If a printer had previously been installed on a Windows device, and the configuration for that printer is changed to Per job authentication, then any print jobs sent to that printer will be rejected.

This update is available with the current version of Mobility Print. To see all the changes which have been made to Mobility Print, go to the Mobility Print Help Center



  • Sarah

    Mobility Print is a nice feature and nice implemented. But why is the connection between the primary server and the mobility print service unsecure (uses HTTP)?

    • Hi Sarah,

      We’ve had our Mobility development team look into this a bit more after your comment. It looks like currently the Mobility server advertises it’s Welcome URL as HTTP, while all other communication with devices and the Application server are over HTTPS.

      This wasn’t intended and I suppose you could consider it a bug. The good news is that now we’re aware and will be rolling out a fix very shortly to correct it! If you run into any other issues, please let us know! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Joel

    I have a computer lab that has a couple Macs off by themselves. I want to use “Per Job” authentication so students who use the Macs can print and have their jobs accounted for properly. However, it tells me that it’s unsupported for the PCs. Will this not work at all for the PCs, or will they just not honor the Per Job setting? I’m hoping for the latter. If so, all I need to do is find a way to prevent a student from saving their credentials into the keychain on the Macs.

    • Brad @ PaperCut

      Hi Joel,

      You can enable per job authentication in Mobility Print by clicking the Select Printers button and then enabling for each printer you require.

      Per job authentication will work with iOS, Android, ChromeOS and MacOS devices but is not currently supported for Windows devices. This can be worked around by creating a separate print queues for Windows devices to use although we recognise that is not ideal. We are planning to have a solution for Windows devices going forward. Thanks!