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Moving to the Big Apple

It’s been a big year, moving from Melbourne and the land down under to the Big Apple, New York City! Not only that, moving roles within PaperCut from coding software to supporting customers around the world.  The first time I came to NYC was only 2 years ago. The vibe of the city was amazing, I […]

PaperCut MF v15.3 – The making of Integrated Scanning

Having been at PaperCut for 18 months now, I was lucky enough to learn and contribute in different areas of our product. From an accessibility feature to release print jobs, Mac client transformation to use the native bar through to adding support for the IMAP protocol in Email to Print. But that only lasted two months… and then […]

Industry placement: a day in the life of an intern

Greetings and salutations everyone! My name is Zak and I’m a 21 year old software dev intern who has been working at PaperCut for the last 8 months. Last year, I was in my 3rd year at Swinburne University (and during this time I bumped into one of PaperCut’s founders, Chris at a Golang meetup. […]

PaperCut co-founder wins sailing World Championship

Dinghies with sails glide across the open seas off the coast of Western Australia. The surface of the water hides the white-pointer sharks that silently menace below. This sounds like a dangerous pastime reserved only for daredevils with a death wish. (We can’t help but think of the Jaws movie, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”). […]

In My Shoes: the back office @ PaperCut

At PaperCut we’re very proud of our employees, a tight-knit collection of like-minded people with a collective goal to create great software and drink good coffee. As a company built on software development, you can imagine we have some high performing teams across the globe. The PaperCut “back office” includes admin, finance and operations and […]

Over the river and through the woods to PaperCut

Hi, my name is Don. I am a new employee working in PaperCut’s Support team in the US office in Portland, Oregan, serving the US time zones from GMT-5 (NY) to GMT-8 (CA) from 08:00 to 17:00, Monday – Friday. During our overlapping operational hours, the US Support team are in constant touch with the […]

Employee #2 Travels The World

I am one of the developers at PaperCut and don’t often write many blog posts. We developers are usually hidden behind our screens, drinking coffee and generating thousands of lines of code.  Typically developers don’t get out and about to meet our customers and partners face to face. But PaperCut developers are far from typical… I have […]

Making Technology Simple

I’ve heard it said that great technology is a simple solution to a complex problem. That statement sounds compelling, but I think it actually sells technology short. So much of the technology that we use every day and even take for granted is in fact extremely complex and clever – but is successful because it comes […]

A few key lessons learned

It might be eye-opening for some of you to hear what goes on behind the scenes at PaperCut Software. My name is Mathew Buttrey and I have joined the PaperCut team as Channel Manager. In particular you might like to know what it’s like to start employment at PaperCut. Coming from large organizations with strong […]

My Trip to Melbourne

I spent the last week working from our main office in Melbourne. I live in Portland, Oregon and this is my second trip to Australia to work with the team here. The trip had been planned for months, and I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t really looking forward to the 13 hour flight or […]

Forty Two

Is it a coincidence that PaperCut currently supports 42 printer description languages , that I am turning 42 years old this year and, as we all know, 42 is the Answer to the Life, the Universe and Everything? Yeah, it probably is 🙂 Since joining the PaperCut team, I have mainly been working on the area […]

The SysAdmin: five parts tech and one part accountant!

Hello, my name is Jason and I’m the new member of the PaperCut team. In my previous position I was a Systems Administrator (SysAdmin) at a leading high school. I thought I’d share my story about PaperCut from my last role. Part of any SysAdmin job is finding technology that fits a business need and […]

The Eskie. An Australian invention.

In 1999 my family and I moved to Silicon Valley so I could experience working in a high-tech company making products on a large scale. Such jobs were hard to find in Melbourne then. One of the things I remember most about moving to Silicon Valley was the old Australian myth of brilliant ideas being […]