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If it’s not broken, we can still make it better.

A key feature of PaperCut is the charging model applied to print usage, generally defined on a per page basis. This feature had its ten year birthday last October without much fanfare. When you think about how much PaperCut has changed in the last ten years, it’s fairly amazing that the Charging Model hasn’t been altered. Therefore it is with ten years of experience that we have decided to make an addition to the model in the form of a new “Standard charge type”.

New Charging Model

What we have found is that anything past the Simple Charging Model could be a bit confusing at first glance. With the Standard Charging Model, administrators will now be able to set the color and grayscale cost explicitly, as opposed to working with percentages. The new “Standard” charge type will hopefully bridge the gap between “Simple” and the many Advanced Charging Modes available.

In the theme of improving already evolved PaperCut features, we’ve also improved the way Web Print handles PDF documents. Previously Windows administrators would have to install and configure Adobe Reader to run Web Print. Now, PaperCut’s Web Print feature works out of the box with built-in PDF support. Check out the manual for all the gritty details.

Web Print has proven to be a very popular feature, particularly in large education environments. Many system administrators have come to us with interesting stories of how Web Print has been working hard overnight processing 100’s of jobs from students printing in their dorms, all while the sysadmins are fast asleep (but actually wide awake playing Minecraft). With that in mind, we’ve implemented many improvements to the robustness of Web Print.

If you’d like to know what else is in this release, have a read over the full release notes for PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF.



    This is a brilliant option which will be added value to the quota charge back.

    You PaperCut are Superb

    Keep it up…

  • Carl Bell

    This will make life so much easier, no calculating discount value for Grayscale printing. Papercut are proving to my MFD/Printer Manufacturer that this solution is saving us more money and cost less to purchase than the 7 solutions they had under their wing. With Papercut scripts and giving user prompts to save money by converting to Grayscale we are saving an average of £194 a day.

    • Chris

      Hi Carl, Thanks for the feedback. Always great to read a story like this and hear about how PaperCut’s making a difference. I hope you’re also converting to duplex and saving a few trees as well!

      • Carl Bell

        Hi Chris, Duplex is the next push, I have managed to script/prompt staff’s printing in such a way that the only thing really being printed in Colour is our Artwork and some Excel sheets. Duplex is forced for Email so far. I am finding a few of our new MFPs default to Duplex with is funky, but I am finding staff aren’t keen and it does get turned off otherwise certain jobs have to be reprinted in colour, again!

        Since my last post we are now averaging a saving of £196 a weekday. So close to my £200 target

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  • Tom

    This looks very cool… If you could make it so we can set prices like this per account/user that would be fantastic! (In Accounts under Advanced Options you can only multiply costs by %) 🙁

    • Tom

      We’re often asked this question as a way to allow senior students to print more than junior students, in which case we recommend keeping the prices the same but giving senior students more print quota. In general the system is much easier to understand if the prices are the same for everyone (but some have more quota / balance than others). Group-level quotas make this really easy to implement too.

      If you have a different reason for setting discounts/surcharges per user I’d be interested to hear it though!

      • Tom

        Our school gets let out during the holidays for summer schools amoungst other business related functions. We would like to be able to set more granular charging on accounts (rather than a percent increase) as we could then tailor what we will charge the individual lets. Some may not want any colour prints, so we would increase b&w prices slightly to cover costs etc

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