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Highest vote takes it all

Pink Mouse I am one of the female developers here at PaperCut… well at the current time the only female developer! For the past few months most of my development has been driven by your votes in the feature survey. We are constantly analyzing the votes and using it to prioritize our development. I have already implemented various highly voted features such as:

  • the ability to edit scheduled reports.
  • the ability save scheduled reports to disk.
  • the option to create and manage printer groups (using a tagging paradigm).

The next feature I have my sights on will be “Adhoc bulk user updates” which is one of the highly requested feature at the time of writing. An MSI packaged client (and secondary/local print server installer) is another one on the horizon, but I suspect one of the “boys” might beat me to that one…

I will post updates on my progress as I move along. Voting will re-open soon. In the meantime here’s how voting stands for some of the top requests:
Results of voting

CC image courtesy of osde8info on flickr


  • A PaperCut user demanding more!

    Priyanka – maybe you should just work faster to stop “the boys” getting all the good development tasks 🙂 Almost 900 users asking for something should be motivation.

    Keep up the good work and keep the features flowing!

    By the way, loved the printer groups feature. Makes it much easier to manage my ever growing list of printers.

  • Was the pink mouse provided or did you have to purchase your own when you started? 🙂

  • priyanka

    I had to purchase the mouse on my own…Expecting GUYS to buy a pink mouse is expecting too much from them 🙂 🙂

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  • William Watkins

    Is there a password recovery feature in the works? Or simply just provide a link to send a random or the current password of a guest user to the email address that they used to register with.

    Any thought on the matter?

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