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Controlling printing via AirPrint – Apple’s iPad Printing

iPad showing Safari Print option via AirPrint

Control printing on the iPad with PaperCut

With the release of iOS 4.2, finally Apple iPads and iPhones can print! Of course the this possibility opens up many questions, particularly from network administrators managing printing in schools, colleges and Universities. How do I control AirPrint printing and prevent a student free-for-all? It’s been such a popular question and hot topic on our support queue that we’ve started work straight away on an iPad print control option. The aim is to ensure all of PaperCut’s core features such as print quotas, print control, and print cost allocation to accounts are all available to users using iPads and iPhones. Our approach builds on AirPrint by providing IP address based authentication on top of the Mac OS X server AirPrint exposed print queues (via CUPS and Bonjour/mDNS). Read more about PaperCut’s iPad Printing Print Control Options in the PaperCut tour. It’s all been prototyped and is currently with the software development team to be included in a point release of PaperCut version 11 at no extra cost. We’ll keep you posted.


  • James

    Great stuff! Can’t wait to see this. We are looking at support student iPads on our school network next year. I suppose it will have a feature that automatically puts “Printed from my iPad” on the bottom of every page 🙂

  • Joe Edel

    This is a great idea, this would make printing from iPads a viable option in a school environment. iOS to PDF to Papercut Webprint could be cool to.

  • Ryan

    What’s the status of this app?

    • The status of this app is – its up and running and works perfectly. All you need is one of the Airprint Printers on the market (currently only supported by HP)

      If you can find an Airprint printer this App works seamlessly

  • DaveO

    you don’t need HP airprint printers
    I have airprint working with a simple change to cups (OSX 10.68 server)

    there are also applications to enable airprint if you don’t want to tackle cups
    printopia and airprint activator both work, printopia will allow you to choose which printers you want to share via airprint, airprint activator will share all printers
    as far as I can make out all these these apps, and changes to CUPS, do re advertise the printers in bonjour with urf support
    urf = airprint

    if you use printopia or airprint activator the print server will log the airprint job user as the same name as user name on the mac the app is running under
    eg setup printopia on a user named ipad, all airprint print jobs will be logged to user “ipad”

  • Chris

    This is an older post but just in case someone lands here, this feature is now live. More details over here: