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Buyers Lab Awards Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution to PaperCut


Pictured above: Jamie Bsales, Buyers Lab’s Senior Editor Solutions presents our Summer Pick Award to CTO and Co-Founder Matt Doran, with Senior Developer, Amir Khassaia.

Understanding print output—and its associated costs—is critical for schools and businesses today. PaperCut facilitates usage tracking and charging for output when appropriate, and includes convenient, money-saving features such as secure print release, rerouting of files to lower-cost devices, and the ability to enforce duplex printing or restrict output by application type.

Twice a year BLI (a leading independent test lab in the world of digital imaging equipment) gives special recognition to the hardware and software products that provided the most outstanding performances in their unique evaluations. Software solutions undergo an in-depth hands-on review that focuses on key attributes and how well the products stacks up against leading competitors. Pick winners rise above the competition in key areas such as value, feature set, ease of use, ease of administration, hardware compatibility, software integration, security and support. Software solutions earn an overall rating based on a five-star scale, and Pick contenders are culled from those that earn the highest ratings.

One of PaperCut’s greatest advantages is how easy it is for IT staff to administer,” said Jamie Bsales, BLI’s senior editor for solutions. “The logically arranged menu items and handy Dashboard make administering a PaperCut system much easier than working with other print management offerings BLI has tested, even for those who have never used a print management system. And compared with the competition, PaperCut is very attractively priced. These attributes make it especially well- suited for small and medium-sized businesses where IT resources and budgets are already stretched thin.”

Consequently, a BLI Pick is a hard-earned award that buyers and IT directors can trust to better guide them in their acquisition decisions. PaperCut MF 15 and PaperCut NG 15 won BLI’s Pick award for “Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution” for the Summer 2015 test season for their…

  • Unrivaled ease of installation, configuration and use for IT personnel tasked with deployment and ongoing administration of the platform
  • Complete print management feature set including usage tracking, cost accounting, quotas and available billing/ cost recovery
  • Easy-to-implement print policies that help cut down on wasteful printing, reduce costs and bolster “green” initiatives in an organization
  • Unmatched affordability for a full-featured print management solution

At PaperCut, we work hard to bring easy-to-use print management solutions to businesses of all sizes.  Small and medium business owners can quickly get the cost savings and the security benefits of PaperCut, without the large enterprise installation“, said Chris Dance, CEO of PaperCut Software.

BLI Solutions Report - PaperCut MF

BLI Solutions Report

BLI Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution

BLI Summer Pick Report

BLI PickAward

BLI Summer Pick Award

PaperCut software works on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell) and integrates with the majority of printing and copying devices – giving the end customer the ultimate control and security in their print environment. Receiving the Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution award demonstrates our commitment to customers worldwide, delivering quality and rapid innovation, no matter how big or small.”

BLI (Buyers Laboratory), a leading independent test lab in the world of digital imaging equipment with product evaluations conducted by highly experienced employees in its on-site testing facilities in the United Kingdom and United States where hundreds of new copiers, printers, wide- format devices, scanners, faxes and multi-function (MFP) products are evaluated and reported on each year.

© 2015 Buyers Laboratory LLC. Reproduced with permission.

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PaperCut just works – any platform, any network, any printer

Most organizations don’t just run on one platform, OS or brand of hardware. Different directories, servers and workstations make for endless configuration possibilities.

When it comes down to print management on the ground, if your fleet is multi-vendor, you’ve probably faced issues with numerous print drivers and operating systems.

Then, there’s your users. Managing their printing from all of the available operating systems and mobile devices can be tricky.

No matter what brand of MFDs you have

No matter what brand of MFDs you have.

BYOD made easy

As technology trends emerge, PaperCut has responded with innovative features including Web Print, iOS printing, Google Cloud Print and Email to Print to provide flexible BYOD print management to minimize the need to change your network infrastructure.

No matter what device your team, students or faculty brings to the table, you can be confident that you can track and control printing for all platforms:

  • Apple iOS Devices – iPads, iPhones, iPods

  • Android Phones, Tablets and devices running ChromeOS

  • Windows 8 Phones, Surface Tablets and RT devices

  • Email To Print – a complete cross-platform BYOD solution


Fleet Management (not the car kind)

Whether you’re tracking printing or managing users on your multifunction fleet, PaperCut has you covered.


PaperCut’s embedded application integrates with the firmware of all major hardware manufacturer brands to provide your organization with a flexible and reliable vendor neutral solution, no matter what brand you’re using. Our list is growing, but all the majors are covered, including embedded software for Brother, Canon, Dell, Fuji Xerox, Gestetner, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lanier, Lexmark, Nashuatec, OKI, Olivetti, Ricoh, RISO, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Triumph Adler, UTAX and Xerox.

And, if you’ve ever struggled setting up a single virtual print queue in a multi-vendor environment, PaperCut has enhanced our Global Print Driver in 15.0 to support deployment to 32-bit workstations from 64-bit servers.


OSX, OS anything

No matter what your print environment holds, PaperCut works on any platform – Windows, Mac, Linux or Novell or a mixture of them all.

PaperCut can support multiple server platforms on the one network, all working together. Many of our larger sites choose to deploy PaperCut on one platform but host print queues on a mix of others. Platforms like talking “their language” but PaperCut talks all platform languages. Windows desktops can print to Windows queues, the Macs can print to Mac server queues, etc.

The one PaperCut license lets you run any of the components on any supported operating systems. Changing platforms? No problem, no need for additional purchases.

PaperCut’s latest release of 15.0 has enhanced support for Novell iPrint. When the Print Provider is installed on a workstation, it determines and tracks print queues.


Host with the most

Deploy locally on your own server, across multi-sites and multi-servers, or in a secure private cloud. PaperCut 15.0 also introduces a new way of ensuring business continuity with the Site Server – an onsite server to deliver continuous print resources in the event of a network outage. The choice is yours, we call it Flexible Server Deployment.


AD/LDAP any directory

You’ve already laid the groundwork to establish your directory environment, Windows Active Directory, LDAP, eDirectory, Apple Open Directory, Samba and a myriad of others. PaperCut takes your hard work and automatically manages printing using your network’s users and groups.

We’ve got you covered!

No matter which brand of copier or printer you have, operating system, directory – PaperCut has got you covered. Try it today, PaperCut NG is free for 40-days!

Think we’re missing anything? Always keen to hear more from our users. Drop us a line, comment below or on Twitter.


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