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Project Banksia Update – 23 January

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Project Banksia Blog with the notable improvement that this is now actually a blog and not an email! Thanks Jack!

Since this blog now may be reaching a new audience, it’s probably a timely reminder that we’re rolling updates to Project Banksia installations automatically. As long as the machine running Project Banksia can access our hosting server, updates are delivered and installed without the need for Administrator intervention.

The key features or improvements delivered this week were;

  • Support for multiple servers using DNS-SD. We now support up to 21 instances of Project Banksia using the DNS-SD deployment method. This allows customers with multiple sites and/or multiple subnets per site to be able to manage this setup with simple DNS records.
  • Integration into the PaperCut products continues as well. Though a little more on the PaperCut side this week as we start updating the BYOD pages to show statuses of the known Project Banksia servers running.
  • We also fixed some dead documentation links and updated some information that hadn’t changed since making the Android apps public – thanks to those who pointed these out to us..

Next week, we continue with further integration between Project Banksia and the PaperCut products. We’ve already completed the validation of credentials, but have on our “to-do” list;

  • Group based access to print queues as defined in PaperCut.
  • The status of a given user in PaperCut (enabled/disabled).
  • If a user has any restrictions set on duplex, color etc in PaperCut.

Some of these updates will be hard to notice as they’re integration features between PaperCut and Project Banksia and will only work when 17.0 is released. So, to keep everyone interested, I promise you a new shade of green this week. How does that sound?!

Until next week!

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Project Banksia

The iPhone is 10 years old – where did the time go?

When the first iPhone came out who knew we wouldn’t be able to live without it. But now smartphones and mobile devices are everywhere. Students bring their laptops to university, kids have iPads at school and co-workers want to connect their phone to the corporate network.

Of course it goes without saying that all these people want to PRINT! To the user it seems so easy – “why can’t I just print?”

How do you let these untrusted devices print? Printing is getting complicated again.

We have been listening to our users here at PaperCut and have a solution for you!

Project Banksia is the first look at the PaperCut solution to enable untrusted iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows or Mac OS devices to print through your existing print infrastructure.

Right now Project Banksia is in the PaperCut Percolator (our beta program before things end up in the final product), where we invite you to download it and help solve your BYOD problem.


Feature Overview

Printing through Project Banksia is super easy. As soon as you have it installed you can print from the local network from any of the support platforms using their native printing – iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows or Mac OS. The system will display stats about the number of print jobs as it receives them.

You can control the number of printers that are published and seen by your users of if you just want to publish the global find me queue – go right ahead.

Project Banksia also removes the restrictions of using wireless printing across multiple subnets. Using the easy to following setup instructions you can configure DNS to allow the publishing of printers across your entire network.


Absolutely! You can reach the development group directly via It’s a great opportunity.

If you want to see what the rest of the Project Banksia community is talking about, head on over to the comments section at the bottom of the page. You can also use this to find out more details from other people testing it out.

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Starting 2017 By Investing In The Future

PaperCutters are always about pushing the envelope and are never interested in business as usual. We therefore don’t want to spit out some lame new years resolution as we statistically know that resolution fulfilment steadily drops down through the months of the year.

Life (and software) do not reset every new years (except back in Y2K), so we shouldn’t just start setting goals for goals sake, just because the calendar has changed over. We believe that chance favours the prepared mind and improving further on what we are already doing is critical. We aim for perfection in everything that we do regardless of the timelines, so instead of making a long list of resolutions, we’ve decided to start the year by investing in the future and inviting selected students from John Monash Science School over for a week to learn what we do, and how we do things here at PaperCut, ask questions and provide a fresh perspective to our mindshare.

We’ve had the privilege of hosting Angi, Josh, Reena, and Will to spend time with us and get exposed to PaperCut’s work and culture. These bright young minds aren’t just your regular students who were randomly picked. They are awardees, rigorously selected, and sponsored by PaperCut to join the 2016 SuperComputing Conference in Salt Lake City UT.

jms students supercomputing conference 2016

The John Monash Science school have carefully screened students through an essay submission asking about concrete action plans on what they will do in case they win.  The selection is then followed by interviews to help decide who shall be awarded a trip to the conference.

SuperComputing experience was nonetheless a great experience for the students as they were glad to report that they were absolutely jumping out of their skins while they were in the helm of super servers and cutting edge VR gadgets.  And to quote Reena: “I would stay there 24/7 if I could! It’s awesome!”

While their week at PaperCut HQ as a follow up activity cannot match that level of excitement, we certainly hope the activities we arranged for them compensated in their further discovery and learning.

fun with jmss students

From creating marketing videos, to tinkering with front end website animation code, to analysing customer engagement rates and sales funnel analytics, their curious minds questioned every detail of what they have seen. Their questions have inspired us to revisit our processes and procedures and go back to basics. PaperCut has definitely benefited from having them around, and we sincerely hope that their experience with us has been worthwhile for them.

Beyond showing them agile software development processes and clean code, we hope that they were able to see our constant commitment to building closer relationships with our customers and resellers, as well as our obsession to constantly push the ante of innovation.

We also hope that they’ve thoroughly experienced our “coffee culture”, that our (good) coffee builds constructive conversations around products and services, which in turn produce better software and solutions that help customers.

dev coffee

So here’s to 2017, stronger relationships, awesome software, and fantastic coffee. We love that you are reading this and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way. You’ll be surprised at how we are eager to connect.


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