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Diary of a Trade Show – ITEX March 2015

Guest author: Desha Sorlien, Americas Pre-Sales Specialist

Just back in the Portland office from a whirlwind week at ITEX 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, my first trade show for PaperCut.

I’m used to communicating with our partners and potential customers, responding to sales questions is a big part of my day, we have a lot of moving parts. So how different can a trade show be?


That’s the team, pictured left to right: me (Desha), Joe, Chris, Damien.

I’ve been asked to write down some thoughts under the title of “Diary of a Trade Show”! I can’t help but liken it to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, so will have to throw in some comic relief at the end.

What is ITEX?

So ITEX isn’t for everyone.  And I’m not talking about personal taste here, you actually need to be an Office IT equipment dealer, reseller or manufacturer to attend.

Being able to talk to everyone involved in our channel Ecosystem in person is completely different than conversing over the phone or email. We had our Authorized Solution Center (ASC) partners from North and South America and resellers from all over – even Australia!

The booth: 400 square feet with 16 foot high walls

The booth: 400 square feet with 16 foot high walls

Not quite 26 hours travel time but…

Traveling to Fort Lauderdale in Florida took a long time, about 8 hours total travel, with 2 planes and a taxi ride (although I’m sure the Australian contingent of Chris and Damien won’t feel too sorry for me, 26 hours from Melbourne!). On the show days, I managed to soak up the Florida sun by walking the short distance from our hotel to the conference center.

Setup, the day prior

As you can see, the booth was no mean feat, 400 square feet of space with 16 foot high walls, ably put together by Mostre Design who developed and delivered our booth concept. Luckily the guys from Aus landed the night before. We got together at our hotel in the morning to chat about the show and the setup schedule. Thankfully, Maria in our marketing team back in Melbourne had pulled it all together. She took care of just about everything! I just had to keep track of the delivery of our booth items once I arrived at the conference center. Damien got busy and setup the PaperCut MF demonstrations with the Kyocera and Lexmark multi-function printers supplied by two of our ASC partners, ecoprintQ and ACDI.

The day ended with a lovely cruise along Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful Intracoastal Waterway, where we almost spotted some Hollywood royalty, sailing past one of Steven Spielberg’s homes!

Talking to partners and other exhibitors - they win the cake for loudest jackets

Talking to partners and other exhibitors. At right, they win the cake for loudest jackets!

Opening day – energy to burn

People were so excited to be there, it was electrifying, and busy! Damien and Chris were charged with tech talk, while Joe and I provided sales support, and the meet and greet ‘entertainment’.

Our event space really stood out, coupled with many of our channel partners representing us on their own booths. One reseller commented that the entire event looked like a PaperCut show!  We felt like celebrities, everyone noticed the shirts and recognized where we were from.

Resellers who currently don’t have PaperCut in their portfolio were interested in how they join us. We spoke to lots of partners about our channel model and software and how it just works.

Day 2 – almost the end of the journey

Being an Australian based company, we had some very cute koala soft toy giveaways – they’re always popular, with resellers grabbing bunches for their offices and kids! Everyone loved them. Prospective new resellers were pleased to receive USB flash drives with our free 40-day trial of PaperCut NG.

There was so much going on at the show. The most noticeable aspect was what people were wearing at some of the booths. We had some envious looks at our cool t-shirts, I even had a few cash offers to buy mine! There was a magician and his booth mate dressed up in a sunshine costume, and the most standouts were blue jackets with white clouds painted all over them.

Left: Some of our Americas ASC partners. Right: Joe and our koalas

Left: Some of our Americas ASC partners. Right: Joe and our koalas

It’s a wrap

Overall, I’d say that resellers were very impressed at the resources and knowledge sharing on our stand. Demonstrating the newly released PaperCut MF v15.0 made everyone who saw it eager to try it. The power of the free 40-day free trial can’t be dismissed!

We were fortunate to have our CEO and Co-Founder, Chris along with Damien, one of our Application Engineers over from our Australian HQ, making our tech expertise second to none. Combine that expertise with Joe and myself, who know the Americas market and channel, connected all the dots for resellers.

I’m looking forward to the next event in the US that I can be a part of. If you missed us at ITEX and are interesting in becoming a PaperCut Reseller, visit our ITEX 2015 site.

And a little fun…

The funniest moment would have to have been watching Damien try to order coffee in an American coffee shop on the first show morning (they just don’t do Starbucks in our Australian office as they have the luxury of an in-house espresso machine and everyone being trained baristas!). As most American’s know, you can customize everything when you order.

I stayed at a table to keep an eye on our things and Damien attempted to order coffee for us. He wasn’t prepared for a simple order turning into questions about sweeteners, milk choices, and all sorts of other things. Yelling out across Starbuck’s didn’t help so I came to his aid and talked the ‘local language’.


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Happy One-Year Anniversary at Hawthorn

Getting together over coffee is a part of everyday at PaperCut. What better reason to get the team connected here and in Portland than to celebrate our one-year anniversary at our Hawthorn, Melbourne HQ.

The Melbourne team (and Portland on the screen)

The Melbourne team (and Portland on screen)

For those that have been with PaperCut for more than a year, it seems like just yesterday we officially opened the building.

The timing was spot on, with one of our two co-founders in each location. CTO Matt held the fort here in Melbourne, while CEO Chris rallied the team in Portland. Cross country-celebrating was easy with our always on portal. connecting both cities throughout the day.

Co-Founder Matt in Melbourne, Chris with the Portland team

Co-Founder Matt in Melbourne, Chris with the Portland team

Our coffee fuelled Melbourne team

Our coffee-fuelled Melbourne team

The celebration was a great time to reflect on our achievements and growth over the last year. In fact we’ve already had to re-arrange the Hawthorn office to fit all the people who joined the team since March 2014.

T-shirts for the team

T-shirts for the team

In PaperCut tradition, all staff are now proudly wearing our new brand. If you look closely you can see the ‘Warning’ on the back: This shirt contains a coffee-fuelled techie who loves to talk about saving paper.  Pretty much sums us all up!

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PaperCut just works – any platform, any network, any printer

Most organizations don’t just run on one platform, OS or brand of hardware. Different directories, servers and workstations make for endless configuration possibilities.

When it comes down to print management on the ground, if your fleet is multi-vendor, you’ve probably faced issues with numerous print drivers and operating systems.

Then, there’s your users. Managing their printing from all of the available operating systems and mobile devices can be tricky.

No matter what brand of MFDs you have

No matter what brand of MFDs you have.

BYOD made easy

As technology trends emerge, PaperCut has responded with innovative features including Web Print, iOS printing, Google Cloud Print and Email to Print to provide flexible BYOD print management to minimize the need to change your network infrastructure.

No matter what device your team, students or faculty brings to the table, you can be confident that you can track and control printing for all platforms:

  • Apple iOS Devices – iPads, iPhones, iPods

  • Android Phones, Tablets and devices running ChromeOS

  • Windows 8 Phones, Surface Tablets and RT devices

  • Email To Print – a complete cross-platform BYOD solution


Fleet Management (not the car kind)

Whether you’re tracking printing or managing users on your multifunction fleet, PaperCut has you covered.


PaperCut’s embedded application integrates with the firmware of all major hardware manufacturer brands to provide your organization with a flexible and reliable vendor neutral solution, no matter what brand you’re using. Our list is growing, but all the majors are covered, including embedded software for Brother, Canon, Dell, Fuji Xerox, Gestetner, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lanier, Lexmark, Nashuatec, OKI, Olivetti, Ricoh, RISO, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Triumph Adler, UTAX and Xerox.

And, if you’ve ever struggled setting up a single virtual print queue in a multi-vendor environment, PaperCut has enhanced our Global Print Driver in 15.0 to support deployment to 32-bit workstations from 64-bit servers.


OSX, OS anything

No matter what your print environment holds, PaperCut works on any platform – Windows, Mac, Linux or Novell or a mixture of them all.

PaperCut can support multiple server platforms on the one network, all working together. Many of our larger sites choose to deploy PaperCut on one platform but host print queues on a mix of others. Platforms like talking “their language” but PaperCut talks all platform languages. Windows desktops can print to Windows queues, the Macs can print to Mac server queues, etc.

The one PaperCut license lets you run any of the components on any supported operating systems. Changing platforms? No problem, no need for additional purchases.

PaperCut’s latest release of 15.0 has enhanced support for Novell iPrint. When the Print Provider is installed on a workstation, it determines and tracks print queues.


Host with the most

Deploy locally on your own server, across multi-sites and multi-servers, or in a secure private cloud. PaperCut 15.0 also introduces a new way of ensuring business continuity with the Site Server – an onsite server to deliver continuous print resources in the event of a network outage. The choice is yours, we call it Flexible Server Deployment.


AD/LDAP any directory

You’ve already laid the groundwork to establish your directory environment, Windows Active Directory, LDAP, eDirectory, Apple Open Directory, Samba and a myriad of others. PaperCut takes your hard work and automatically manages printing using your network’s users and groups.

We’ve got you covered!

No matter which brand of copier or printer you have, operating system, directory – PaperCut has got you covered. Try it today, PaperCut NG is free for 40-days!

Think we’re missing anything? Always keen to hear more from our users. Drop us a line, comment below or on Twitter.


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