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You Think You’ve Got Problems… (PaperCut V13.3 Release)

As a Sys Admin you’ve probably wrestled with the complexities of managing multiple printers and devices. Imagine scaling what you do to thousands of devices across dozens of locations, all coordinated with a clowder of System Administrators just like yourself? (We had trouble finding a collective noun for System Administrators and just used the one for cats.)

Complexity of these proportions is a problem that some of our larger customers have. A common strategy is to have multiple application servers, independently managing each site. This is great because mistakes made by “other” System Administrators at other sites never impact you. (ie. It’s never your fault.) The downside, however, is when management asks for a centralized view of the whole organization’s printing, it’s difficult to collate multiple reports from multiple sites.

PaperCut 13.3 Release - Reporting

More isn’t always better when it comes to reporting for many PaperCut customers.

This was the challenge that Hendrik, one of our rocket scientist programmers, took on. Finally there’s an opportunity to leverage his functional programming skills.

PaperCut 13.3 creates a brand new feature called Central Reports. This feature will fetch data from databases on multiple sites and automatically merge the data to produce consolidated reports. Like all of PaperCut reporting, these are available as one-click reports, ad hoc, or scheduled for periodic emailing.

Another win for the overworked IT department! (To offset the fact that the email system went down last week… not that it was your fault.)

Some of the other features in this release include improvements to Delegated Print Release, Printer Load Balancing and a brand new embedded solution for Xerox EIP2 devices. Plus, of course, dozens of enhancements and minor bug fixes. Check out the release notes for PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF for a complete list.

If you have any more feature ideas, feel free to send them through to our support team. And, yes, we have already received your feature request to prevent paper jams in the crucial 10 minutes before your performance review.


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How a Sys Admin Tracked Down a Criminal

At PaperCut, I work a lot with Sys Admins and we swap war stories about the “challenging” tasks and significant business decisions we undertake every day. (Those important activities like helping users reset passwords and answering “PC Load Letter… What does that mean?” questions.) Wouldn’t it be cool if Sys Admins had far more exciting stories?

Last week my boss was doing his rounds and asking what I’d been up to. I could have answered the normal stuff, but why pass up an opportunity to share a cool story? I replied, “I’m using my sys admin skills to fight crime and catch criminals.”

Let me back up a bit…

Em and her phone!

Em and her phone!

In July 2011 my fiancé’s iPhone was
stolen from her while she was working. The overworked local police shared that this was a common occurrence and as such it didn’t even warrant a report to be filed. I realized quickly that I had to take matters into my own hands.

As I helped my fiancé recover from that feeling of helplessness that accompanies a lost phone, I remembered that I had installed Google Latitude a couple of weeks before.  It was a brand new app at the time and – like any sys admin – I’d wanted to check it out. Moving quickly, I checked the app only to find the ‘thief’ was driving down the highway merely 2km away from the scene of the crime. It was time to turn on my sys admin research brain and get into detective mode.

Google Latitude Map

Here’s a preview of the accuracy. The blue circle is the “approximate” location.

After 7 days of systematic tracking I discovered where they worked, where they slept at night, what route they took home, and where they went to eat.

But I still needed to step up the surveillance a notch.

I created an Overclockers Australia thread (popular tech forum), which shared live updates of the detective work I was doing. Now Overclockers were becoming part of the search and helping me along the way.

I found pages online matching the address that helped identify the homeowner’s name. With the help of Google Maps I was now armed with aerial pictures and street views of his house. Now I had everything I needed to launch a full-scale assault.  Back to visit the police!

This time I presented my evidence and demanded action.  But while online tracking was a natural extension of my day-to-day, tracking technology on such small but powerful mobile phones was very new to the police staff.  Before anything else could be done I had to conduct a quick lesson to a senior police officer on how Google Latitude worked and how I uncovered this information!

One week later, we received a call.  It brought a smile to my face when the police revealed they had recovered our phone! They had gone to the property late one night with my information and a search warrant.

In my head it played out like this:  The heavily armed police – dressed in full riot gear – quietly approached the house just after dusk, kicked the door down, threw in a couple of stun grenades and smoke bombs, let the dogs loose and declared that an extremely experienced sys admin called Josh had foiled their villainous theft ring and led directly to their demise.

I’m sure the reality was less elaborate but that’s the story I’ll be sharing with my Guild 🙂

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