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PaperCut 12.3 Release – It’s often the little things that count.

It wasn’t a strategic decision to release PaperCut 12.3 around the same time as the Higgs Boson particle was confirmed (we hope!), however both share a universal truth; ‘It’s often the little things that count’.
Usually when we write about our releases we only talk about the big features. It’s often the little features we add that end up making a difference to everyday usage. In this post we’ve decided to highlight one of these little features.


Quick Find / Type Ahead In PaperCut

Type Ahead when searching for users by name or student ID

PaperCut now has type-ahead autocomplete in various areas of the application. It’s now even easier to quickly find users, say to modify their print quota, by typing their username, full name or ID number.

Other highlights include:PaperCut iPhone Printing Interface

iOS Printing

PaperCut’s mobile printing has been extended to provide support for iPhone. The screens have been optimized for the smaller size and swipe-gesture navigation has been added.


Enterprise Deployment

In addition to the existing auto-updating client software deployment, we now have a new option for enterprise customers. There is now a silent installing MSI package which may be deployed using Group Policy. This is ideal for enterprise customers who are already using Active Directory GPOs to manage software deployment or staged rollouts.

Cross-platform Improvements

Many of you will know about our policy for simultaneous releases and feature parity goal across all supported operating systems. One difference between platforms has been printer error detection (e.g. emailing administrators when a printer goes offline). Due to limitations in operating system APIs on Mac, Linux and Novell, printer errors were often detected only when a job arrived, rather than as soon as the printer went into error/offline. By using SNMP monitoring, we have now improved printer error detection on these platforms to match the proactive behavior on Windows.


Of course there is much more. Check out the release history for PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF for full details. And if you’re interested in some of the antics that have been happening in the PaperCut office over the development period, or want to see the latest geeky t-shirt; have a look at our twitter gallery.

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  • timothy

    Thanks providing an MSI installer for the client software!

    I must admit that many respects the current deployment method works well (it’s auto updating!), however I always feel a little nerves around update time. Having an MSI will allow us to gradually deploy the client across our GPOs will be a nice option to consider.

  • Hi all,

    Just to inform that PaperCut(TM) may helped the discover off Higgs Boson particle, since PaperCut-MF is installed in LIP- Coimbrain Portugal, witch is one off the Portuguese labs that work in partnership with CERN.

    until next release, i will continue discovering new particles in PaperCut, some off them are divine!


    • Chris

      Hey! That’s a great bit of information. Nice to see PaperCut’s helping in some little way 🙂 I’ll pass this bit of trivia around the dev team.

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