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PaperCut MF – In Cinemas Now.. well YouTube at least

Many of you know that PaperCut MF embedded software runs directly on your copier’s touchscreen. Today we are releasing a set of video tours for our embedded application running on different multifunction devices. These videos are great to see how PaperCut works on a device without a complex embedded software install or buying an expensive test device.

Each tour demonstrates the important features such as: user authentication; copy tracking and control; and secure print release.

PaperCut MF Embedded Application running on a copier

Embedded Application Tour


The MFD video tours developed so far include:


It’s been a great experience filming and developing these videos because I’ve had a chance to step into the shoes of our customer and  I’ve really enjoyed it. However I’m pretty sure everyone in the office has been getting sick of me telling them to “shut-up” while I was recording! The videos were filmed using real hardware, rather than an emulator, to recreate the view of the everyday end user and make it a user experience focused tour. We have a lot of videos on the horizon.

The videos completed so far can be found on the PaperCut MF embedded device tour as well as our YouTube channel. Keep your eye on our channel and twitter feed for announcements of new videos.

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A new release, 12.1

The army of Australian ninja developers here at PaperCut have been silently and stealthy working away to create Rel 12.1 specially for you.

There’s a plethora of new features so without further ado…

  • Priyanka has finished off the Executive Summary report with a couple of nice graphs.

    Example graphs from executive summary report

    Example graphs from the Executive Summary report

  • Priyanka also developed a job deletion notification feature. When using hold/release queues users can be notified, either via the desktop client or email, before (or when) their held job is deleted. More information in the manual here.
  • You can now add one or more custom URLs to a user’s PaperCut web page. For instance you can add a link to your intranet portal or you can just add simple links to a printer policy or help document on the local network. To set it up, please see here.
    An example of custom URL on the User Web Tools page

    An example of custom URL on the User Web Tools page

  • A swag load of new printer improvements — refer to the release notes for details, but highlights include: support for Epson’s new range of printers using ESC/P-R; enhancements and fixes for forced attributes feature released in PaperCut 12; and various improvements to colour and page count detection.
  • For users of our off the glass tracking solutions (PaperCut MF) we are releasing support for Samsung XOA and Toshiba SDK2 devices plus updates for Kyocera-Mita HyPAS embedded, Lexmark LeSF and Sharp OSA devices.
  • Lot of minor features and fixes far too numerous to enumerate here, again please refer to the release notes.

As well as hacking on software, we’ve also had an addition to the team. Jason’s wife gave birth to their first child a few days ago — congratulations to the proud parents, and we have two more babies due later in the year. Must be all the coffee we drink!

If you have a current subscription to our premium upgrade assurance plan you may upgrade to version 12.1 at no additional cost. For our other customers please see our upgrade policy to determine if you are eligible for a free upgrade. Once-off upgrades may be purchased via our online order system. Upgrading now will entitle you to all the releases in the 12.x series throughout the year.

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