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PaperCut 11.5 is now available for download

Picture of an antique cash till

Cashier Updated!

Along with usual collection of enhancements and fixes comes PaperCut Web Cashier. This feature will be useful for educational institutions and other organisations who want to offer a simple mechanism for users to purchase good and services, such as binding, using PaperCut accounts. As well as purchasing items, users can also make over the counter deposits.

Behind the scenes at PaperCut we have new staff member in Australia. Alec is joining the team as a technical project manager and many customers will get to hear from him over time. Not only he is already planning the next release but also committing code to our Subversion repo (using git-svn). Even the project managers need to be geeks here! Alec’s details have already been added to the about page so head on over if you want to see his important qualifications in coffee appreciation.

The full list of changes in version 11.5 can be found on the release history pages:

Download Now

Photo credit: Ivy Dawned. CC Licensed

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  • Muy buen y completo producto.

  • Andy T

    Guys, I’s say nearly 50% of this is about Papercut not so much iPrint – BrainShare 2011 Friday Keynote – Novell and Open Enterprise Server Not exactly related to 11.5 but still, I thought I’d share.

    • Chris

      Hi Andy, Yes. The Novell Keynote video is a great promo for PaperCut! It’s nice to see more people are recognising that print management is more than just print queues and drivers 🙂

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