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The Free PaperCut Print Logger Has Been Rejuvenated!

The PaperCut developers have been working hard in getting out the 11.1 release which had many enhancements and minor new features. Due to the high positive feedback about PaperCut 11’s new look and feel, we felt the urge to give a new life to our free print logging program as well.

PaperCut Print Logger

This task, being a relatively straightforward one, was given to me (Puneet), the summer intern. I started my internship here at PaperCut Software in January 2011. It has been a pleasure working here with friendly, hardworking and enthusiastic coffee-loving developers (they weren’t able to make me start drinking coffee though!).

Over my very exciting and fulfilling two months here, I did a great amount of software testing, helped out with User Web Tool Customisation, restructured the Knowledge Base, added the header and footer to the online manual, and now, revamped the free Print Logger.

In this version…

  • Most of my work went into stripping down and re-decorating the Print Logger with the New look and feel based on PaperCut 11’s new design.
  • We added the News Gadget which allows you to keep up to date with the developments at PaperCut.
  • The New About tab lets us share some information about PaperCut and lets you follow us close.

Print Logger is aimed at small businesses and home users. Don’t hesitate, download the new version today!

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PaperCut Version 11.1 Released

Flooding in Melbourne streets

Some might think we took a holiday after releasing version 11.0 last month. Not so! We’ve been hard at work polishing the new features, making many minor improvements and of course avoiding all the floods and cyclones (hurricanes) that have been happening down under! PaperCut 11.1 is now ready for download.

We’ve had lots of great feedback about the dashboard and the new look interface – thanks to everyone who emailed in. Much to the delight of our support team the version 11.0 release last month went down smoothly and there were no major issues reported. If you’ve been holding off on the upgrade because you don’t like “dot zero” releases there is no excuse now! 🙂

Among the many little enhancements in this release we’ve expanded our watermarking support across a greater range of PCL6 printer drivers.

The full list of changes can be found in the release history. Happy downloading!

Flood image by Looking Glass / CC BY

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