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Posted on by jason

A simple trick for recurring paper jams

A piece is missing from a removed paper jam

Where is that last piece?

Today in the busy PaperCut offices Peter was runing tests of his PCL6 print job watermarking feature over our corpus of test documents. This involves quite a bit of printing and unfortunately we suffered a rather nasty paperjam. The first few attempts by us to remove the paperjam did not have the best results.

Then my System Administrator brain kicked in and I remembered two simple tricks that I thought I would share with everyone.

1) Be Thorough!
When you have a difficult to remove paper jam in your device, keep all of the pieces of paper as you pull them out. Reassemble it like a puzzle. If you don’t have a complete page you have missed something!

By doing this we could tell that there was a remaining tiny piece of paper, somewhere deep in the paper path of our copier.

2) Use what’s at hand.
That tiny piece of paper was no where to be seen. We could see where the paper was jaming but couldn’t see inside to remove it. Most of the time, fixing this is going to require either calling in a repair tech (if under warranty / service agreement) or pulling the entire thing apart.

What I’ve learnt is that using 150-200GSM paper and manually feeding it through the paper path by hand can often dislodge the offending piece. If I don’t have a piece of heavy weight card around I can simply fold an A4/Letter piece of paper in half, length wise, and feed that through. This tip has saved me many hours and more than a few dollars worth of service calls, not to mention my sanity!

That reminds me, when I sat back down at my desk an my PaperCut installation had notified me that the print was in error. Have YOU setup your PaperCut system notifications? These notifications can inform you of low toner issues, paperjams and much more.

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Posted on by Chris

Controlling printing via AirPrint – Apple’s iPad Printing

iPad showing Safari Print option via AirPrint

Control printing on the iPad with PaperCut

With the release of iOS 4.2, finally Apple iPads and iPhones can print! Of course the this possibility opens up many questions, particularly from network administrators managing printing in schools, colleges and Universities. How do I control AirPrint printing and prevent a student free-for-all? It’s been such a popular question and hot topic on our support queue that we’ve started work straight away on an iPad print control option. The aim is to ensure all of PaperCut’s core features such as print quotas, print control, and print cost allocation to accounts are all available to users using iPads and iPhones. Our approach builds on AirPrint by providing IP address based authentication on top of the Mac OS X server AirPrint exposed print queues (via CUPS and Bonjour/mDNS). Read more about PaperCut’s iPad Printing Print Control Options in the PaperCut tour. It’s all been prototyped and is currently with the software development team to be included in a point release of PaperCut version 11 at no extra cost. We’ll keep you posted.

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PaperCut Version 10.7 Released

In the current round of our vote for a feature survey we were seeing one feature mentioned often: the ability to easily restrict who can perform color printing by group. This brought up an interesting discussion in our team meeting. “Yeah, how do you do that?”. There are actually several possible ways to do it, such as using a printer script, or setting up one print queue for color and another for grayscale. But the key part was how to easily set this up. Turns out there was no easy way.

So along with out latest release, PaperCut 10.7, we have made it easy:
Restrict color printing to a group of users using a printer filter

One of the great things about getting your feedback from our feature voting is that you help us decide what the important things are, from the minor tweaks to the major features. Often we have our heads down working on the big new features like watermarking, print scripting and Web Print, when making some quick changes to the basic features would be equally as effective towards making sure we have the best print management software.

Thanks for letting us know what you want! The voting is still open, so there is still time to tell us your wishlist if you haven’t had the chance yet.

Also in this release is watermarking support for PCL5 drivers. With our existing watermarking support for PostScript, this checks off two thirds of the major print driver languages. Coming soon: watermarking for PCL6 drivers.

There are also new reports for comparing printing between two time periods (e.g. last month to this month), and many minor improvements.

Full release history

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