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PaperCut Version 10.6 Released

If you take a look though the historical release history for PaperCut you’ll notice that our minor version releases tend to alternate between “several big new features” and “lots of little improvements”. After the watermarking and multiple personal accounts features added in 10.5 (amongst others), this release falls into the latter category. While we could always just constantly add big new features, these small changes (many based on your valuable feedback!) are what keeps PaperCut feeling polished, reliable and easy to use.

Standing out from the full list of changes are:

A default shared account may now be configured per-user. This represents the user’s most commonly used account, and can be useful for users who mostly charge to the same account, but occasionally need access to others. The default shared account is automatically selected for the user when they print.

Choosing a default shared account for a user

A user's default shared account is automatically selected for them when they print

Large organizations with more than one user directory (e.g. a new Microsoft Active Directory and a legacy LDAP server with users that have not been migrated) can now synchronize, import and authenticate against both at the same time.

Synchronizing against two user directories

A user's default shared account is automatically selected for them when they print

We also recently had a few adventurous customers installing PaperCut on Windows Server Core, and thanks to their assistance this release now runs on Windows 2008 Server Core out of the box, including install documentation. Those with experience on Server Core will know how bare bones it is 🙂

Download, install, enjoy!

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  • Tim

    Well done on the new release. I like the fact that your releases alternate between big and not so big. I can get lazy and skip the small ones!

    I must however admit that I’m a little addicted to your upgrades. It’s like Christmas sometimes. “What new toys to I have to play with this time!”. You know you’re a true computer geek when new features in your print management software make your day!

    Keep up the good work PaperCut team.

  • ChrisJ

    Its not just me then that looks forward to the new releases. That makes me feel better that I’m not the only one.

  • What do I have to do to get an Account discount rate on this product, I have been asking for over a year…

    PLEASE PLEASE, Account discount rate for some accounts is disparately needed!

  • Tom

    Hi Greg, we have user-selectable discounts (“charge rates”). If you want an automatic discount for a shared account I’m sure we could whip up a print script for you. I didn’t see any emails from you to support… send us an email and we’ll work it out.

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