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Posted on by Tom

Switching between your desktop audio devices

Spaghetti Cables

Spaghetti Cables

Hands up if any of this sounds familiar: You’re at your desk. Your headset is plugged into your cell phone to play music. The desktop phone rings. You take off your headset to pick up the handset. Then someone calls on Skype. You unplug the headset from the cell phone and plug in into the computer. Now the cell phone rings. You pick up the cell phone, unplugging its charger in the process. The call finishes, cell phone goes back on the table, charger and headset plugged back in…

That’s what my desktop is like here at PaperCut, and it’s a real pain in the donkey. One day after enough plugging and unplugging to wear out the connections I decided it was time to look for a better way…

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PaperCut Version 10.6 Released

If you take a look though the historical release history for PaperCut you’ll notice that our minor version releases tend to alternate between “several big new features” and “lots of little improvements”. After the watermarking and multiple personal accounts features added in 10.5 (amongst others), this release falls into the latter category. While we could always just constantly add big new features, these small changes (many based on your valuable feedback!) are what keeps PaperCut feeling polished, reliable and easy to use.

Standing out from the full list of changes are:

A default shared account may now be configured per-user. This represents the user’s most commonly used account, and can be useful for users who mostly charge to the same account, but occasionally need access to others. The default shared account is automatically selected for the user when they print.

Choosing a default shared account for a user

A user's default shared account is automatically selected for them when they print

Large organizations with more than one user directory (e.g. a new Microsoft Active Directory and a legacy LDAP server with users that have not been migrated) can now synchronize, import and authenticate against both at the same time.

Synchronizing against two user directories

A user's default shared account is automatically selected for them when they print

We also recently had a few adventurous customers installing PaperCut on Windows Server Core, and thanks to their assistance this release now runs on Windows 2008 Server Core out of the box, including install documentation. Those with experience on Server Core will know how bare bones it is 🙂

Download, install, enjoy!

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Posted on by Chris


Follow PaperCutDev on Twitter Writing blog posts are hard for us “computer geeks” in the PaperCut development team. We’re able to string together lines of source code like we’ve been doing it since we were born, but asking us to join enough English words into sentences and paragraphs to construct a blog post… now that’s a different story. All the grammatical rules, spelling, making things interesting… it’s bound to end in disaster!

So like all good software developers we decided there must be a better way. After some use-case analysis, story boarding and excessive coffee consumption we’ve determined that the answer is twitter – also known as micro-blogging. Twitter limits us to 140 characters. Surely we can’t write anything boring or grammatically incorrect in such short posts 🙂 (ed: we do our best)

Yes, we’ve decided to take the plunge start tweeting. In the spirit of twitter we’ll keep you updated on all things PaperCut: The important (new software releases), the relevant (which features we’re working on), and the not so important (what we’re having for lunch on Fridays!).

If you’re on twitter, follow us on @PaperCutDev and join in the fun. Oh, don’t worry, we’re not abandoning macro-blogging just yet. You’ll need to put up with computer geek grammar, spelling and exciting posts about the 10 benefits of print audit software in business for a little bit longer!

Follow PaperCutDev on Twitter

… now I assume I should tweet this blog post?

Image “Male Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana)” by Kevin Cole / CC BY

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