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Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships

Back in 2001 we received an order from Mercy Ships. After an online search into “Mercy Ships” it was decided it would be a nice gesture to give them PaperCut as a donation.

How thrilled we were at PaperCut to receive a letter this week by regular post.

The letter, from Mercy Ships, was a thank you for our continuing support, providing them with PaperCut and free upgrades and support over the years.

There was an outline of the work that Mercy Ships program.

Mercy Ships Medical

Mercy Ships have a mission to the world’s impoverished people.

Several Mercy Ships programs address the various needs in many surgical areas, community development and also in the training of nationals. One area that has been especially helpful is the Hospitality Centre Eye Clinic in Benin, Africa.

One month after having cataracts removed, eye patients return to the Hospitality Centre Eye Clinic for additional procedure to prevent a film-like layer developing over the lens and impeding vision ……. many patients who have been blind for years by cataracts can now see.

This news, shared with all our staff, gave us all a great feeling and we are happy to be a part of helping Mercy Ships with their work.  Check out the Mercy Ships website to find out more about what Mercy Ships do.

All the best Mercy Ships, PaperCut is glad to be a small part of your journey.

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  • The Mercy Ships family is honored to be working with our friends at PaperCut. You are helping us to provide Hope and Healing to the worlds forgotten poor and thanks in part to your support, we will set records in 2009 for the number of people we are able to serve. The number will be well in excess of 53,000 people that have been given a chance at a new life. None of this would have been possible without great partners like PaperCut.

    Thank you from all of our volunteers and staff world wide,

    Sam Smith
    Mercy Ships

  • Chris

    I’m very impressed to see the CEO of Mercy Ships writing back on a public blog like this. It’s amazing how forward thinking many charities are and how they embrace technology without hesitation. They put most commercial organizations to shame! The people at Mercy Ships obviously have a lot of passion for what they do and this shows through here.

  • Thank you Chris!

    We are passionate about helping those that all but lost hope, and it is only through people like you and our friends at Paper Cut that we can do what we do.

    Thanks again to you all!

    – Sam Smith

  • Jason Best

    I have enjoyed learning about PaperCut these last 40 days of the trial. I have been continually impressed with the features. I will be purchasing the product in next couple days and seeing this post makes me even more thrilled to be purchasing a product from this company. I have a number of friends that have served with Mercy Ship and knowing that my purchase in some small way contributes to their mission is rewarding.

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