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Posted on by Chris

Adding a Mac Printer

One of the usability issues that’s popped up with the Mac server testing is the process used add a printer. The Configure CUPS script handles the process of hooking in PaperCut to the CUPS print process. To view the printer in the interface however, you first need to perform a print job to “register the printer with the system”. This is a little counterintuitive.

We’ll make some changes in this area. As an interim solution, we’ll change the Configure CUPS script to it displays a reminder message. In the long term, we’ll make this script perform the configuration registration process automatically.

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Posted on by Chris

PaperCut NG on AFP548

PaperCut NG has made the front page of the popular Mac server related site, This should be a good way to help drum up some feedback from experienced Mac server admins. You can view the post here.

On the topic of server discovery in the client as discussed in a previous post. Some have suggested that we look at exposing the PaperCut NG server using Bonjour (aka Rendezvous). This is an interesting technology and we’re looked at this before. It would be relatively simple to register PaperCut NG server as a service. One issue we need to investigate further is discovery across subnets/domains. The current method of dynamically creating the client .app package upon install with an embedded IP/server name works well in this regard. We’ll look at Bonjour a little more after we address some of the more pressing bugs/issues.

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Posted on by Chris

PaperCut NG Mac Update #3

Thanks for the Mac users who recommended that we list our updates and version changes on the popular Mac site, PaperCut NG for Mac is now up on the site here.

We’d like to know if (or how many) Mac users use versiontracker to automate updates. Should we look at pushing PaperCut NG Mac updates this way? Please email us with your thoughts.

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