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Posted on by Chris

PaperCut and SurfControl

It’s quite common to see PaperCut running alongside and complementing other applications such as web based filtering and virus protection applications. These web filtering applications tend to integrate in with proxy servers in a similar way to that undertaken by PaperCut’s Internet Quota module. Mark from Temple Christian College has been kind enough to contribute a knowledge base article detailing how he has setup PaperCut alongside Microsoft ISA Server and a web filtering application called SurfControl. You can read Mark’s article on integrating PaperCut and Surf Control here:

I’d like to thank Mark for taking the time to write this up. I’m sure it other schools would find Mark’s configuration notes useful.

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Posted on by Matt

Installing and configuring SquidNT

It’s been a while since my last blog … so I thought I’d make do an update on my series about configuring Squid proxy.

This time I’m going to concentrate on SquidNT, which is a version of Squid compiled for Windows, that come with some useful helpers to allow authentication with Windows and Active Directory.

The key advantages of SquidNT, when compared to Squid on Linux/Unix are:

  • A bit easier to get going if you’re not familiar with Linux/Unix
  • You can configure Windows authentication more simply, and your users will be authenticated automatically without being prompted for their username/password.
  • Don’t need to know how to install/compile Unix applications (We’ve had customers whose Linux distribution did not include the latest version of Squid and had troubles authenticating with Windows. Getting an unsupported version of Squid onto the distribution proved difficult.)

The major problem with SquidNT, is that the installation documentation is hard to come by. Although the core Squid documentation is good, the Windows specific documentation is not easy to find… so hopefully my article will help.

So if you’re interested in running Squid on Windows, then read my article: Installing and Configuring SquidNT. If you have any questions, then feel free to get in touch.

(If you want to use Squid on Linux/Unix and authenticate with Active Directory, then my previous article is the best place to start.)

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