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emailStripper recommended by Kim Komando

I’ve never heard of Kim Komando, but apparently she’s a radio show host in the US with a huge following. On the weekend she recommended our free tool, emailStripper. emailStripper strips those annoying >>>>> characters from emails that have been forwarded too many times. We wrote emailStripper about 5 years ago and its popularity never ceases to amaze us, getting thousands of downloads each month.

On the day emailStripper was recommended on Kim’s “site of the day”, we received about 13,000 unique visitors and used about 2.3 GB of bandwidth (and the day isn’t over yet). This is about 8-10 times our normal Sunday traffic of 1200 visitors and 250MB of bandwidth.

A side effect of this traffic was that our SpreadFirefox ranking jumped. Last time I checked we were 11th! Obviously many of Kim’s listeners took our recommendation of Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox seriously.

Spreadfirefox ranking 2005-04-18

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  • Wayne Orwig

    I got here ’cause I’m searching for the dnld. This is my new “Work” laptop and the app was not copied over to this system. I will testify that ’emailstripper’ is a MARVELOUS program!!! When I rcv msg that needs this app, I leave the informative msg at the end, and reply to the sender VERY STRONGLY about wasting our time. I’m sorry, I’m wasting your time, maybe. Since I got to this site, I’m using it to let you know (you anonymous ‘person’!) that emailstripper has saved me a lot of time! I appreciate the service you have performed very much. Now I must go and find the dnld…

    Respectfully yours,
    Wayne Orwig
    Scotts Valley, Ca.
    personal, seldom viewed:

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