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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Posted on by Chris

Deploying the PaperCut Quota UIT

I few weeks back I said I’d write something about how to deploy the User Inquiry Tool using a “zero-install” methods. I have updated the knowledge base with some instructions on how to deploy the UIT.

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Posted on by Matt

We’re in the Top 10!

There are about 250,000 members of SpreadFirefox, and we’re currently 10th in the SpreadFirefox rollcall.

It probably won’t last long … and it might not happen again … but here’s proof.

PaperCut in the Top 10!

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Posted on by Chris

Canon PCL Fix & New logon/printer script example

Pierre, one of our PaperCut users from France, has been working with us to track down a few bugs in our page count detection associated with Canon PCL drivers. Unfortunately the Canon IR series printers extend the standard PCL print language and driver output by adding custom binary header and extra data spread throughout the stream. We have worked around this by filtering the binary extensions but changes in recent drivers have caused bugs to surface. This has now been fixed in the latest PCM update. It’s very frustrating when manufactures “extend” published standard with undocumented proprietary extensions!

Pierre also has emailed through an example of a method he uses to control the addition of printers on his network’s computers. I have added Pierre’s example to our knowledge base.

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