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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Posted on by Chris

Keeping a healthy system

I’ve just written a quick KB article explaining how to keep PaperCut running trouble free. PaperCut has been around since 1999 and has proven to be a robust and reliable system. Most of the problems that come about are generally related to system or network changes (us technical people just can’t resist “fiddling” when everything is running fine!). The KB article details some of the problems experienced by our customers over the years, and how you to avoid them on your own network.


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Posted on by Chris

Open Source Donations

PaperCut Software Pty. Ltd. has decided to start making annual donations to a number of open source or community projects. We use a number of open source tools here at PaperCut Software to build our software and run our networks. Some examples include:

  • Inno Setup – used to build PaperCut’s installer
  • Apache – to run our web server
  • Debian Linux – to run some of our in-house and web servers
  • Python – a programming language used to script some parts of our build/compile process

Today we decided to make a donation to the Jordan Russell, the developer of the Inno Setup project. Jordan has kindly listed our name of the official website as a major sponsor. We hope our donation continues to assist Jordan with making Inno Setup an even better application.

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Posted on by Chris

Like to chat to the PaperCut Dev Team?

I know many our customers like reading our blogs (mine and Matt’s). How about having a chat with us online. You can catch Matt and I online with our “live chat” feature for about 10 hours in every weekday. Next time you have a technical question, catch us online and get an answer instantly. Even you don’t have a technical question, feel free to us it to catch about PaperCut in general.

See the contact us page for the “live chat” button. The page also includes the local time and the hours we’re usually online.

Chat with you soon!

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