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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Posted on by Chris

The Growing Knowledge Base

The PaperCut Knowledge Base is slowly growing and starting to be come more useful. Just the other day I had an email from a user who mentioned that his question was addressed in the KB so it’s starting to become more useful!

Today I completed a few more articles on Setting Up Local Printers and Why can’t I add my printer to PaperCut? I hope these address some common questions on network set-up/configuration. These improved set-up notes have also been merged into Appendix II in the PaperCut Quota Manual. Most network/system administrators will not require these detailed set-up notes so I have placed the improved “step by step” notes in the Appendix so not to “blow out” the quick overview section.

Please email me if you have a thoughts/comments on how we should progress the knowledge base further.

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Posted on by Matt

Guide to configuring your proxy server for PaperCut

In order to use PaperCut’s internet charging/quota features you need to make sure that your Proxy Server is configured correctly. This is the most complicated part of deploying PaperCut Internet Charging. Once your proxy is configured correctly, there is very little else that needs to be done, and PaperCut will charge users seamlessly.

I’ve written a guide to help troubleshoot proxy configuration issues in our knowledgebase.

This will hopefully provide some insight into how PaperCut internet quotas work with proxy servers and allow users to configure their proxies correctly.

Appendix 2 of our user guide also contains a step-by-step guide to configuring Microsoft ISA Server 2004 for use with PaperCut Internet Charging.

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Posted on by Chris

PaperCut at the Asia Pacific IT Solutions Expo

Many of our English-speaking customers will have noticed the funny Chinese writing in our left hand navigation bar. PaperCut is fully translated into Chinese (two dialects) and sold throughout China and Hong Kong. Translating software into Chinese was both a technical and linguistic challenge. Our Hong Kong based partner, Apposite Solutions Limited, has done a fantastic job.

PaperCut was recently exhibited at the Asia Pacific IT Solutions Expo and the Hi-tec weekly magazine. You can view a few photos of PaperCut’s presence at the event here. We hope to attend more Expo’s around the globe during 2005.

PaperCut in Chinese at the Asia Pacific IT Solutions Expo:
PaperCut at the IT Expo

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