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Posted on by Dale Micallef

Simplify BYOD & Mobile printing in your language

Mobility Print can now help eliminate the frustrations caused by not being able to print from bring your own devices (BYOD) and mobile devices in more languages than ever before. Users can easily configure printing on any device they need to print from, with easy to use newly translated setup guides.

New supported languages include:

Catalan, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese-Portugal, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish

If you don’t see it in your language, please reach out to either your PaperCut reseller or to the team here at PaperCut.

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Posted on by Dale Micallef

Top 5 reasons to use PaperCut MF in legal

PaperCut MF can help you to increase profitability and productivity without sacrificing document security.

Designed to mitigate security risks, PaperCut MF is used by many perfect legal firms worldwide to help track and report billable printing activity, and improve client data integrity, profitability, and productivity.

Here are the top 5 ways you can simplify your printing cost recovery process, and free up your fee-earners time with the easy to use and secure PaperCut MF:

1.   Track and recover all client service costs

Due to the large number of documents being printed at legal firms, it can be a very time-consuming and manual process to associate the cost of printing to the correct client, potentially leading to not all costs being recovered. PaperCut MF allows you to quickly and accurately chargeback costs to billable accounts or alternative fee arrangements. Users can easily search across thousands of accounts based on keywords or matter codes, making the process of recovering costs simple, and in the process guaranteeing your clients are billed for every print, copy, fax and scan without any overhead costs.  

2.  Keep important documents secure

Ensuring secure client documents remain private and confidential is crucial in a legal firm. You need to make sure that the right document is collected by the right person, which can be hard to control in a busy print environment. PaperCut MF allows you to deliver a secure-print workflow by preventing documents from being printed until the user physically authenticates at the MFD to collect them. You can also provide user-accountability for the security of confidential printed documents by implementing digital signatures and watermarking on all pages and traceability through print archive logs, for visibility of all print activity.

3.   Make life easy for fee-earners    

Keeping fee-earners working on revenue-generating activities is important for any successful law firm. Providing systems which can allow them to get the most out their time becomes necessary to help ensure that this is the case. PaperCut MF can help to increase productivity by allowing fee earners to easily delegate the printing of jobs to their personal assistants. This means less time is spent on administration tasks while ensuring documents are securely printed and available when needed. The ability to charge billable expenses at the time of submitting a print job can help fee earners continue working on what is important, and guarantee printing costs are quickly recovered.

4.   Empower your workforce to go mobile

More legal firms are starting to embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, and as workers have quicker access to content through the use of mobile devices, providing the ability to print from all these platforms securely becomes a challenge to manage. PaperCut MF helps solve these challenges through a range of secure mobile and BYOD printing options. They are easy to configure and work across all major platforms to allow users the flexibility to print from whatever device they choose.

5.   Retain the IT systems already in place

Changing systems can be disruptive and ensuring new systems work with your current range of MFPs, billing and practice management software, and other internal systems is very important. PaperCut MF is not limited to any manufacturer, so it is extremely versatile in any print environment. The consistent interfaces between MFP release stations means users only need to learn one system and one set of terminologies. PaperCut MF also integrates to a number of major 3rd party legal systems through a range of fully documented APIs and scripts, making it easy to look up and chargeback to clients and matters.

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Posted on by Dale Micallef

Track and control printing and scanning across more devices than ever before with 17.3

Release overview


Personalize the branding across all areas of PaperCut

Release 17.2 introduced a much quicker and easier way to customize the branding of the Client, User Web Interface and Admin Interface. In this release, the Reports section has been personalized, rounding out the list of areas IT administrators can update to match the look and feel their organization’s brand.

Single Sign On support for Lexmark’s Scan Center solution  

PaperCut MF for Lexmark MFPs now offers users an integrated experience with the Lexmark Scan Center solution through the use of a Single Sign On (SSO) process. Once a user logs into PaperCut MF at the MFD and is authenticated, they will be automatically logged into the Lexmark Scan Center allowing IT administrators to track and cost scan jobs, in one easy process. To see how PaperCut MF works with Lexmark, check out our Lexmark Tour page.

Integrated Scanning now available on Sharp devices with 7” screens

IT administrators can now provide a seamless end-user experience at the MFD panel for more Sharp devices  than ever before, with Integrated Scanning no longer restricted to devices with 10″ or larger screens. With this release, Integrated Scanning can now work on Sharp devices with 7″ screens, allowing IT administrators to track, and cost scan jobs, within the familiar PaperCut MF user interface. For more information about PaperCut MF for Sharp, check out the Sharp Tour page

Extend the secure print environment to include HP Single Function printers

Through the added support for single-function printers and selected small screen devices from HP’s FutureSmart range, IT administrators can now give users a secure and familiar experience at the device. By enabling Secure Print Release and Find- Me Printing across all devices, whether they are multi function devices (MFDs) or single function devices (printers), IT administrators can securely control what is printed and ensure all jobs are tracked, without the need to purchase additional hardware. To find out more about how PaperCut MF works for HP, vitis our HP Tour page.

Have you heard about Mobility Print?

Mobility Print is currently helping 1000’s or organizations across multiple industries solve their Mobile and BYOD printing issues. Mobility Print just works on any end-user device, providing a native print experience for all operating platforms and devices consistently with your make or model of printer. Setting up Mobility Print is super easy, with most installations requiring only a few clicks to get up and running. You can set up Mobility Print with PaperCut .

Want to know more?  

To help you digest all the updates, we’ve detailed all features, enhancements and fixes, in the 17.3 Release Notes for PaperCut MF.

And of course, the “Fine Print”

If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance, your upgrade to Version 17.3 is already included. Otherwise, one-time upgrades may be purchased via our online order system or through your PaperCut supplier. And hey, added bonus – upgrading now will entitle you to all of the releases in the 17.x series throughout the year!


About the Author:

Dale has been part of the PaperCut family since December 2016, joining our Marketing team as a Product Marketer and has been working in the Software and IT industry for the last 10 years. During that time, Dale completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA), majoring in Marketing and in his spare time enjoys playing Australian Rules Football and watching the latest trending Netflix TV series.

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